No more dreams. Just Reality.

“Fuck a dream, find something that pays the bills.”

That’s what he said to me. Someone that I always looked for to push me just a bit harder. You see we were raised together and we were inseparable.

Now I sit ready to let it all go because a dream no longer matters. My writing no longer matters.

You wasted your life after you left being a flight attendant trying to find something and now you’re 33 and struggling without a trait or a career. That’s what I hear. Yet, you never took the time to read my writing.

But here I am supporting all you do.

The contradictions of life are confusing. I’m tired of being so willful and living in this world of robots. Where a bill is more important than feeling free.

I’m ready to go now. Ready to go where my soul belongs because truthfully it’s not here. Not this earth.

An earth were dreams are shattered and your soul crushed.

Love is fake.

Dreams are no longer real.

Life is about getting a job. Making money. Paying bills and supporting your family.



Where is home?

Home is the laughter of your voice. The moments we stand outside and joke around.

Where I can safely lay my head on your chest and feel your hands run through my hair.

It’s a nostalgic feeling.

A place where you hold my hand and give me random kisses to show your appreciation.

Home is where you and I build from one another and I feel safe within you.

This is a part of home yet, I seem to have lost the keys….


Your words soothed my soul.

Your actions fueled my worries.

I would rather lay in a bed of your words than stand by the side of your actions.

None the less I continued to love. Love until your actions lead me towards the exit door.

Your bed of words is what I miss most.


A simple phone call to reveal it all. A few simple words to ease within.

I’m sorry.

I love you.

I forgive you.

The angst within begins to find tranquility. And the heart is calm.

I’d never want to die with pain nor hate in my heart. So, I am sorry. I love you. I forgive you.

This is to life’s hurdles….

Amor Amor


Stand still for a minute. Take it all in.

Absorb every moment like a sponge and embrace it. Breathe deep and be strong.

The stillness will allow you to see what you’re continuously bypassing. The stillness will give you all insight to a world that doesn’t pause.

Stand still and embrace the moment. Embrace and have trust.

Old Soul come here.

Old souls never die. They sit doormat until their fire is sparked again.

Old souls never die. Their love lingers through every individual that they’ve encountered. Through conversations, smiles and gestures.

Old souls never die as it is their purpose to awaken when sadness strikes. It is their purpose to rejuvenate and bring laughter and love when needed.

Old souls never die.

Knock Knock

The devil must be near. I can hear him in my ear.

“Do it.”

Thoughts keep lingering on my mind. Moments of doubt come in and shout.

“Do it.”

The devil must be near. He’s ringing in my ear.