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You asked me to wait and I did.

I on the bench and I waited. I waited like you told me to.

I sat on the bench and thought about how I’d react when I saw you. I thought about how desperately I wanted to hug you.

You told me wait and I sat on the bench and watched the sun slowly dim out and the moon begin to arrive.

I felt the warm heat turn into a cool breeze upon my skin.

I waited as the day turned into night and I soon began to wonder.

I waited as you asked but, you never came.

Where ever you are I hope you’re ok.

I no longer wait. I walk by the bench and watch to see if maybe you’ll pass by or be sitting on the bench waiting.



What’s crazy is I can sit here and write about anything. My imagination is its own world. Yet, all I ever want to write about is love.

The love that my brother and his wife embody.

The love of an older brother kissing his new born sister every chance he gets.

The love amongst parents supporting one another.

Love is everything. Love is life. Love is joy.

Where’s the love?


I’m just trying to capture each moment with you. Every memory with you by my side. I’m just trying to be the yang to your ying. I’m just trying to catch this lifetime vibe with you. Are you ready?


Within every crack I’m trying to find the light. I’m trying to find the light I held so tight within myself because I didn’t want to lose it.

Little did I know that with each interaction a piece of my light was released. I’m trying to find the light that made me smile.

I’ve become lost without it and emotionless.

I’m trying to find the light. Where could it be?



Never allow your past to cripple you.

Never allow your present to distract you.

Never allow what’s to come to become so negative that you give up on yourself.

Stay true to yourself and your faith.

Stand tall and never look down as you walk.

Never allow self doubt to destroy any chance of happiness you may encounter.

Continue your path with positivity and joy.

Un sueño

I’ll close my eyes and there you are. We sit in conversation and I can’t help but gaze into your eyes and become hypnotized by your smile.

Time stands still and I can feel your warm embrace. The subtleness of your kisses upon my neck and the way your words relax my body.

The alarm rings and I fight to never awake because reality appears and you’re no longer here.