Monthly Archives: March 2019

Que Busca??

Yo busco un amor intenso. Un amor llenó de alegría y momentos k nunca se puede recrear.

Crees k existes?

Un amor tan grande k las lagrimas ya no son lágrimas de tristeza pero lagrimas de felicidad.

Crees k existes?

Es el amor k cuando pienses en ellos uno puedes sentir la sonrisa de su labios.

Crees k existes?


Make a Wish

There will always be millions of stars to wish upon but, this one shined bright just for me. This one illuminated the night awaiting for my wish.

I sat outside and took a deep breath, closed my eyes and made my wish. As the star raced through the night sky, I made my wish.

Never knowing if it will ever come true but, with my being I hoped it would.

Never telling anyone what I’ve wished for yet, wanting it come true as much as many other who’ve sat outside wishing upon a Star.