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2014 we lost you and in 2018 many of us still can not grasp the thought that you’re gone. My mother tells us that we don’t allow you to Rest In Peace because we are constantly idolizing you. Personally, it’s not idolizing because it wouldn’t be right. It’s more of a way of us letting you know we miss you and we’re trying our best so you see our growth and your daughter’s growth.

I know my life has changed since your departure. I used to live it all up because you always told me to do what I love and never stop traveling. You always asked to bring you something and I’d always grab you a shot glass no matter where I was. It was our little thing. A shot and a glass as soon as I landed.

Now, I travel yet never get a shot. I just travel and hope you see the beauty through my eyes.

We spoke everyday from a simple, “you good?” To a full conversation about your daughter and what’s next. I always waited for your phone call and then one day you didn’t call. When you didn’t call I knew something wasn’t right.

That’s’ when dad called and told me. Now I live with this anxiety that I pray so hard about. I ask God to keep me from worrying about the ones I love because he got them. Yet, if I don’t hear from a loved one I begin to panic because you didn’t call me that day. You didn’t ask me if I was good on that day.

I guess now you know, I wasn’t good. I lost a piece of my soul when you left. I always made the best bets with you. I always won them too.

It’s been four years and I can play back every memory we have together. I can play back every conversation with no hesitation yet, I yearn for more. Thank you for leaving us the best talkative kid in the world because now she is you and I love it.

It’s hard you know, to accept that you’re gone and I can no longer call you or text you. Four years and I still get panicky. I try to live my life with love in my heart and God but my side because that’s how you’d want me to live. You’d want me to love as hard as I could, work hard towards my goals and just LIVE!

So here I am finally realizing that you’re gone. Gone in a physical but, I can feel you in my heart which makes me smile often. Helps me know that you’re ok and my anxiety begins to slow down.

I’ve finally accepted your departure from this world and pray that I see you again when it’s my time also.

Love your big sis,




Ever look at a random photo and it just speaks to you?? Not just to you but to your soul. Ever look at a photo and feel your body come alive? Almost as if your chest of busting with brightness?

Well as I was scrolling through social media O came upon a photo the literally gave me the biggest burst of positivity and happiness.

I added a few words to this photo. It spoke to me and gave me a sense of not giving up.


Me siento en la casa lleno y soy nadie.

Ahi con todos me siento y soy nadie.

Soy invisible con todos y me siento invisible. Como un espiritu ahi en la casa lleno de personas.

Por que me ignoran? Porque no me hablan?

Tal ves ya no me necesitan y es tiempo de irme.

Soy invisible para ellos pero no para todos.


You asked me to wait and I did.

I on the bench and I waited. I waited like you told me to.

I sat on the bench and thought about how I’d react when I saw you. I thought about how desperately I wanted to hug you.

You told me wait and I sat on the bench and watched the sun slowly dim out and the moon begin to arrive.

I felt the warm heat turn into a cool breeze upon my skin.

I waited as the day turned into night and I soon began to wonder.

I waited as you asked but, you never came.

Where ever you are I hope you’re ok.

I no longer wait. I walk by the bench and watch to see if maybe you’ll pass by or be sitting on the bench waiting.


What’s crazy is I can sit here and write about anything. My imagination is its own world. Yet, all I ever want to write about is love.

The love that my brother and his wife embody.

The love of an older brother kissing his new born sister every chance he gets.

The love amongst parents supporting one another.

Love is everything. Love is life. Love is joy.

Where’s the love?