Every been so strong that you finally broke? Broke so hard that you’ve become lost. It’s a feeling you’ve never felt.

Worked so hard for everything in life. Worked so hard for everyone. Kept strong through all the trials and all the challenges the Devil threw at you. Ever felt your strength just slowly fade away.

You were A superhero once and the kryptonite has finally fallen upon you and is slowly breaking you. No one there to hold you. No one there as you’ve been there for them.

Finally you’ve got to let it break you so that you can forgive and piece your pieces together and rebuild on a different level. With even better strength. Just can’t give up.

Break and rebuild.


About travelingeyes

As I explore what this world has to offer me I share every moment with good friends and family. With a heart as big as the world I help many and love with all my being. Laughing is my drug, I get my fix from my amazing, hilarious and loving family. "Woodstock" is my nickname! Peace and Love.... Optimistic and laid back.... I picture life as a road map and make every moment in life memorable.... Crazy, Funny, Spontaneous, and Cute! View all posts by travelingeyes

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