Monthly Archives: May 2018


Could our shadows show the path to our true happiness??

Or could the darkness shed light on our Pain??



Every been so strong that you finally broke? Broke so hard that you’ve become lost. It’s a feeling you’ve never felt.

Worked so hard for everything in life. Worked so hard for everyone. Kept strong through all the trials and all the challenges the Devil threw at you. Ever felt your strength just slowly fade away.

You were A superhero once and the kryptonite has finally fallen upon you and is slowly breaking you. No one there to hold you. No one there as you’ve been there for them.

Finally you’ve got to let it break you so that you can forgive and piece your pieces together and rebuild on a different level. With even better strength. Just can’t give up.

Break and rebuild.


I’d rather live those days that in the past made me smile at the thought of you. I’d rather reminisce of the moments where you held me so close I felt your protection and your promises held meanings.

Now I’d rather hold to those memories than my present state. Where I fight all the negativity the Devil throws at me and you’re no longer by my side to protect me. To keep going I hold on to the memories because at moments of weakness I’d rather lose it all than to lose those memories.

Her Hand

He softly took her hand and held it. Took it to his lips and kissed it. Her eyes met his and she smiled. The smile he was searching for within her was what made their connection true. Her smile was his sunshine. He knew that her love for him was supernatural. It was as if he was invincible as long as she was by his side. She was his oasis. His very own private beach and he knew his sand was better than any other. He loved her and wanted to hold her hand until the end of time. He held her hand and kissed it once more before the night was over and his sunshine smiled again. She made his soul happy.