Gypsy Sip

As I travel this world my heart gets weary and my bones begin to tire.

The soul within me continuously tells me to keep going and never give up. As you have a purpose.

Many moons I’ve seen come and go. True love I’ve lost yet I continue.

I listen to my soul as it tells me this burden surrounding me is to strengthen my bones and enlarge the already massive heart I contain.

I continue to move with hope and faith. I continue to move never changing how I love as the world needs more lovers and less hatred.

A wanderer searching for her purpose. A wanderer searching for her true mate. Yet, she will not let anyone else in.

The travel doesn’t stop and neither will I as I know there’s something beyond the winding road. There is something to see that I have yet witnessed.

Gypsy Sipsy


About travelingeyes

As I explore what this world has to offer me I share every moment with good friends and family. With a heart as big as the world I help many and love with all my being. Laughing is my drug, I get my fix from my amazing, hilarious and loving family. "Woodstock" is my nickname! Peace and Love.... Optimistic and laid back.... I picture life as a road map and make every moment in life memorable.... Crazy, Funny, Spontaneous, and Cute! View all posts by travelingeyes

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