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Gypsy Sip

As I travel this world my heart gets weary and my bones begin to tire.

The soul within me continuously tells me to keep going and never give up. As you have a purpose.

Many moons I’ve seen come and go. True love I’ve lost yet I continue.

I listen to my soul as it tells me this burden surrounding me is to strengthen my bones and enlarge the already massive heart I contain.

I continue to move with hope and faith. I continue to move never changing how I love as the world needs more lovers and less hatred.

A wanderer searching for her purpose. A wanderer searching for her true mate. Yet, she will not let anyone else in.

The travel doesn’t stop and neither will I as I know there’s something beyond the winding road. There is something to see that I have yet witnessed.

Gypsy Sipsy


The Climb…

The Climb…

Oh how sweet it is! Lower your windows and allow all hope and faith to enter. The roads will wind. There will be trying times. The past will try to pull you backwards. Don’t stop. Don’t stop climbing due to doubt or fear. Use those feelings to empower you and push forward. You were born to win! Surround yourself with winners and those that want to see you strive. Don’t look back unless you’re just looking out the window to thank the past for the incredible journey it has taken you. Enjoy the wind blowing in your face. Flowing through your hair. Keep your head held high. Trust your instincts and face all challenges with a smile and belief that what’s for you will always be for you!

There and Gone

I felt you, I’m not crazy. I know you were there. Then a sudden jolt of pain came through me and in an instant you were gone. I carried love temporarily and lost it just like that.


Life is funny, it takes and gives. It takes your loved ones and gives you pain.

Enough love to make your heart jolt. Enough pain to make you hurt and feel nothing.


When we argue.

When we argue take me within your hands.

Hold me close and kiss me. Kiss me so passionately that I can feel and taste your apology.

Make my body tremble within your hands. Show me what you truly mean.

Stop speaking and show me.

Kiss me endlessly. Kiss me the way you’d love me.

Show me a love that will make this argument irrelevant. Show me how you truly love me and care for me.

What I seek

Here’s how I feel from the bottom of my heart. I feel this endless love that needs to be shared and loved. That needs some type of story. Seeking for commitment and unbroken promises.

So what do we do? We play with it. Seeking like a poker game who’s down for the challenge. Yet, Love shouldn’t be a challenge. It should come naturally and flow easily when it’s real.

That’s what I seek. An endless commitment from one man. From one individual that will take me for all my flaws as I will take him for his. We will push one another to our fullest potential and not allow anyone. Not one individual interfere with what’s going on between us.

Where is this endless love?


I want to get lost in the depths of your eyes.

Make twists and turns throughout the entanglement of your body.

I want to be hypnotized by your smile.

I want to prune by your side as we share stories of the days we met and nights we felt alone.

I want to hear you whisper love words in my ears as I lay by your side.

I want us.

I want you.

Wherever you are.