Monthly Archives: February 2018

Old Soul come here.

Old souls never die. They sit doormat until their fire is sparked again.

Old souls never die. Their love lingers through every individual that they’ve encountered. Through conversations, smiles and gestures.

Old souls never die as it is their purpose to awaken when sadness strikes. It is their purpose to rejuvenate and bring laughter and love when needed.

Old souls never die.


Knock Knock

The devil must be near. I can hear him in my ear.

“Do it.”

Thoughts keep lingering on my mind. Moments of doubt come in and shout.

“Do it.”

The devil must be near. He’s ringing in my ear.

Why again?

Why must you disrupt my silence? Why must you disrupt my journey towards peace? Why disrupt my joy with false promises? Empty love and meaningless moments. Now here I sit trying to put out the fire you lit within with thoughts of our journeys. If I was never the one you should have never knocked. The pain is surreal or maybe it feels more familiar than I think. But, the truth of the matter is you came and you drained all the light and energy from within. Now I sit here mending these wounds and searching for my light.

Find out Figure Out.

I’m trying to find out.

I’m trying to figure it out.

With all the time that has been spent why does it end in chaos? Why does it end with such pain? So much heartache?

I’m trying to understand.

As we grow and learn from one another. I know. I sense and I feel it all. The way your voice shifts. How you’re quick to become defensive.

Where did the man that wrote all those sweet words to me go? How could he have changed so fast?

Was it ever really real? Were those words just words to get what you wanted?

“Just know that I love and care for you more than anything.”

I’ve become convinced, words are just words to many individuals. Yet for me, they shape an attitude. They make the mind think. They stimulate the body.

I’ve found it out… Now I’m just figuring it out.


Maybe all that occurs is so that I can write about it. Maybe my life isn’t suppose to be perfect or close to it because dysfunction makes for a good story and poetry.

I write love songs on your body when we’re making love. I release all my energy unto to you so you can feel my passion. Every touch gives way to a new emotion. A feeling I’ve never felt before until I met you.


The doubters amaze me. Why stand by me? Doubters amaze me.


I don’t know why we test each other. Why we allow others in our place. Why we waste our energy on those other individuals. I don’t know why we allow them to take our light. To take what’s ours. I belong to you and you belong to me. Why do we trouble ourselves with mirages full of false hope. We ourselves know that our energy combined is fireworks.