I run. That’s who I am. I’m a runner.

My first heart break, I ran. Became a flight attendant and left my home.

Second heartbreak I fled mentally and physically. I never thought heartache could occur multiple times. I was too optimistic and too positive. My first I thought of as an experience to learn.

This second one tore me apart.

My final heartbreak I gave it all away. Every piece of materialism I owned I gave away and ran away once more.

Now I sit alone, with just my thoughts. The one thing I can never get rid off.

Alone on a bench contemplating how was I able to make such decisions and continue to live. Continue to place one foot forward each and everyday.

Must have been the ambition I once had. The will to do better and the drive to make life better and not allow the heartbreak to ruin me.

But, I was wrong. I allowed it to crush me and now I am fighting to get out. Mentally, emotionally and physically.

Each day I just go by the functions instead of trying to live again. Instead of trying to find that light everyone took for granted.

Like a lost puppy I try to find my way. All I know is that my mind continuously tells me to write. But, write about what? I consistently ask myself.

All I’ve every known was to write and read and it’s all I never ran away from.

My words, my writing.


About travelingeyes

As I explore what this world has to offer me I share every moment with good friends and family. With a heart as big as the world I help many and love with all my being. Laughing is my drug, I get my fix from my amazing, hilarious and loving family. "Woodstock" is my nickname! Peace and Love.... Optimistic and laid back.... I picture life as a road map and make every moment in life memorable.... Crazy, Funny, Spontaneous, and Cute! View all posts by travelingeyes

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