Monthly Archives: November 2017


I’m like a lost soul trying to find purpose.

Focused on a prayer.

Fighting the worry that keeps me from my blessings.


Journey Day 1

The Sunday before I ventured off into the extensive drive to Los Angeles I had to clear out my apartment.

I did not pay anyone to do it for me as I wanted to look through each and every item that I owned. I wanted to decided whether or not to keep or purge certain things. Overwhelmed I urged it all!!

I gave away all my pots and pans and then went on to throw everything away. It’s all material anyway so why hold on to it?

After hours of packing and letting go I was set for my ride but before I left I had to rest. No one wanted me to leave that Sunday night as I was up all day packing and stressing.

I went and stayed at my friend/family’s home for the night and quickly jumped up Monday morning and said my good bye’s to the first family I met when I moved into Atlanta.

My journey began Monday morning and with a prayer I set my sites and drive to California. My car was packed with all I could take, or all that I felt were of importance to me.

My music playlist began with a prayer and then soon jumped into some Reasonable Doubt by Jay Z.

That Monday I drove by Alabama, Memphis, and soon Oklahoma.

During the first day of my drive I was filled with sheer excitement of the start of a new beginning. I did not worry or fear of what was to come. I just wanted to get there as soon as I could.

My mother being the motherly woman that she is would call me about every two hours disrupting my jams just to check up on me.

I stopped in Memphis for a break and a bite to eat as my eyes began to tire because I did not get much rest the night before.

As I got into Oklahoma the night began to fall and I decided as soon as it hit midnight I would stop.

I found a Days Inn in Oklahoma and checked in for the night. Not your typical 5 star hotel but there was a bed and a bathroom and it was all I really wanted.

The energy I had all of a sudden was released from my body and tiredness took over.

I took a blanket I had in my car and my personal pillow into the hotel room.

Let’s just say it was not as clean as expected so I slept on my blanket and used my pillow.

After my shower I turned on the television and doubled checked the locks on my door.

When I felt I was safe I said my prayers and went to bed.

Tuesday was another day and another adventure soon to come.

The Journey

It all started one morning when I awakened from an endless night of tears and fears. An endless night of questioning why so many troubles were coming my way. In one month I lost both my jobs and a few weeks into the new month the man I thought loved me sa passionately as I did ended it all in the most grotesque matter. So there I laid one night overwhelmed with all the troubles that were weighing on my shoulders just crying rivers of tears.

The next morning I woke up on my couch and sat in silence. I sat there having a conversation with God. I sat in complete silence with my hand on my heart trying to heal my own pain and speaking to the man upstairs. Of course I questioned why it was all happening to me but, I never expected a response. I simply wanted guidance.

A few hours later I picked up my phone and called my best friend, “Car, I’m moving to LA. Will you help me?” For years she has been trying to get me to go. For years she continuously told me that I needed to spread my wings and leave Atlanta but, I was too committed to the wrong individuals.

I gave myself thirty days to get out of my apartment, sell all my items and fit my entire life into a two door coupe.

Within the final weeks of my stay in Atlanta, I managed to sell EVERYTHING!! All others I donated for those in need. I packed my car to the max and waited until the following Monday in November to leave.

And so began my days on the road……