Monthly Archives: October 2017


At 4am I’d be laying by your side.

Body to body sharing the fire within us.

Today at 4am, I’m here and you’re there.

Never to know again but, ready to imagine it all each and every day.

At 4am I’d be…..



I accepted every word your said.

I’d look deep into your eyes and just nod.

Now I sit alone and the words linger in my mind.

I plead for them to stop.

I pray for them to end.

I accepted every word you said yet, I was none of them!

To my girls

To my girls,

Wake up every morning with the realization that you can conquer all.

Look in the mirror and remember your parents. They created the most girls in the world. Tell yourself how amazing you are.

Before you leave the house give thanks to God and say a little prayer.

I’ll always be here to remind you if ever one day someone tries to dim your light.

Remember you’re a queen and don’t let crown tilt.

To my girls… Set a goal…. Accomplish it… Follow your journey with the attitude that you know you’re the shit!




They say the eyes are the windows to someone’s soul.

When I looked into your eyes they seemed empty and I wanted to fill them with security.

I wanted to fill them with the love you must have been missing. With the security and trust you couldn’t find.

I wanted to look into your eyes and show you that I was here for you with all the love, joy and comfort you needed.

They say the eyes are the window’s to someone’s soul and your eyes were empty.


I’d rather be a spirit.

So I can insert your body and fill you with love.

My physical self isn’t enough. You need more love.

My physical self has tried to show you all I have.

I’d rather be a spirit to guide you in the right direction because this flesh isn’t enough.

this and that…..

Your words pierce through my heart like a dirty dagger.

They stain my heart and tear me up deep inside.

Your words will never be forgotten but, I will not allow them to break me.

I’m not this, I’m not that.

I am what I believe in my heart. I am the woman who held you and loved you unconditionally.

Now you speak of the opposite, the opposite I know nothing about because I’m not this and I’m not that.

Your words will forever resonate within me.

I can never forget.