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If you must know

If you must know….

You're beautiful. Every inch of you was precisely created to make you unique.

From each strand of hair on the top of your head to the shape of every toe on your feet.

Your body is a wonderland that only one man will adore.

Those eyes and that smile are special.

Your body is a map that one day the right man will never stop tracing.

You're a wonderland and don't you forget it.

If you must know….

You're beautiful, each and every one of you!!



Learn to Love without remorse.

Learn to be open and never compare to another relationship.

Learn to be yourself because he's with you for you.

Learn when it's over to be proud of yourself because you were genuine in all you gave.

Learn to love simply by being you!


When you lose a sibling, you lose a parts of yourself.

I've lost a part of my mind, heart and soul the day you left this world.

Nothing has been the same since your departure.

We've all changed and all seven of us have asked why not me??

Your body left us yet, I know your spirit lives within us and your daughter, our niece.

With you gone I no longer love the same. I no longer think the same. I no longer live the same.

Your presence was a treasure and now all we have are sweet memories that we use to remind your daughter how wonderful you were.

You're missed bro, not only by me but by all of us.

When you lose a sibling you begin to have a disconnect.