Monthly Archives: September 2017


It’s a tidal wave of emotions when thoughts of you cross my path.

Hope, happiness, and a feeling of accomplishments follow suit.

Although by my side, your thought bring a grin to my face.

A smile that has been long forgotten, long put away.

A tidal wave of emotions as deep as the sea cross my mind when I think of you.

I smile.

I get jitters down my spine.

And when you finally hold my hand peace overcomes me and all worry is lost.

An emotional tidal wave when I think of you.




The betrayal was not enough.

What hurt the most were the broken promises and words you could never abide by.

It hurt the most to hear how all my dreams would come true with this one opportunity and right before it all came together your words meant nothing.

It was all taken away from me at the blink of an eye.

And I no longer felt the same respect I had for you after five years.

Your promises were broken lies.

The betrayal was not enough.

One Day

One day I will write my story.

One day I will offend many.

One day I will defend others.

One day I won't give a FUCK!

Pretty Girl

Hey pretty girl. I hate that you will grow up without a dad. Without my brother that is.

Hey pretty girl have I ever told you how amazing and beautiful you are?

Have I ever told you, you’re just like your dad?

Whit, smarts, and the attitude of my younger brother, your father.

Hey pretty girl, your smile brings joy to my life and I love how resilient you are.

Every time I look at you, I see him.

That bring joy to my life.

Hey pretty girl, auntie misses you!

You’re going to be a star!

You have grandpa and uncles that adore you. They will give you daddy’s love, the love you’ll need as you grow.

Hey pretty girl, your mom is just as amazing as you are!

I miss you pretty girl!

To my Rose!


I want to be the smoke you inhale when you need a break.

I want to run through your body and give you the calm you feel as you inhale.

Let me be the smoke that gives you that high. Allows you to elevate.

Take another hit, allow to me enter your body and bring a smile to your face.

Bring that relaxation that overcomes your body.

I want to be the smoke you inhale everyday of the week.


Your Favor

Being the one in your favor is the best feeling in the word.

It’s like staring at the star, you can’t stop staring at its beauty.

Your beauty, your presence is my favor.

It’s like feeling the ocean wash away your feet, a euphoric feeling.

Being your favor is the realest feeling ever.

Skin and Bones

Skin and bones is what her body has resulted to.

Her body has run dry from all the takers and non givers.

Her life, created fully on her own has scared her and left her weak.

If she only listened when told to take care of herself first.

Skin and bones is what her body has resulted to from giving so much. Her blood run dry, her heart darkened and can barely beat, her mind, no longer exists.

Skin and Bones.