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Before I begin I'd like to thank all my readers. Without you all and your wonderful comments the journey wouldn't be the same.

Although I do not need to explain my writing to anyone because to each his own but, I feel that many take my words out of context.

The words I write come from my heart and my imagination. I have a very larger creative mind. I take thinks from movies I watch and life experiences either my friends or I have experienced.

Everyone's interpretation will always be different. Just because I write of sadness does not mean I am sad. It's just what comes to mind at the moment and I feel I should share.

No one can tell another person that they do not know how to love because we all love differently. No one can tell another that one must be depressed because of what is written. No one knows you until they get to know you. Don't base judgement because of what is written.

Now a days what I see is broken love and at times true love.

No one can tell me I do not know love either. My views on love may be completely different than yours or yours or even the person sitting right next to me while I write this.

I write this to clarify many things and lastly. Don't tell me what I can and can not write. You did not raise me. You do not pay my bills. You do not have my imagination.

Life is about being yourself and allowing your passions to run free. My passion is my writing. It may not be a Noble Prize writing or a New York Times best seller. But, it will be one day and I will continue to write how I feel and appreciate those that take the time to read my blog.

I have put a lot of love and tears into my writing and to be disrespected is not something I will take lightly.

I wish everyone nothing but the best in their passion. As I will continue to follow mine.




Story to be told….

There was a story to be told.

Her body language spoke of sensuality and protection.

Her eyes never said a lie and held all the pain she could endure.

Her words spoke the truth and of love stories.

Her hands detailed hard work and dedication.

There was a story to be told within every part of her body.


It's a chase, like cat and mouse. Except, we search for one another because we yearn for our touch.

We create distance yet, find ourselves together again filled with joy.

Something keeps us apart. Could it be fear? Fear of dedicating so much and failing in the end?

I, do not fear. I'll love truthfully, honestly and whole heartedly.

We find ourselves yet, something keeps us apart.


I'll embrace you as calm as the ocean.

Love you with calm waves.

Engulf you with peace.

Just as I love, I can destroy you with tidal waves of fury if you're love is not as genuine as the sea.


Love takes time.

Lust is in an instant.

I'd rather die and fail in love than lust for the rest of my life.

Love takes time and I have all the time in the world to LOVE YOU!


Here I'll stand waiting. For life to begin once again.

Here I'll stand ready to feel. Feel what once brought a smile to my face. Or what's to come.

Patiently I'll stand for the arrival of it all with an open heart and open arms.


Take these broken wings and help me  mend them.

Stand by my side and give a hand to place each feather together.

Help me put these wings as fitting as they can be as, they will never be the same.

I’ve fallen from the sky yearning for a touch from a human.

Watching true love build.

I wanted to find someone to look into my eyes and make my body feel out of place.

I leaned so far I fell.

I fell watching as true love unfolded from up above.

Now, here I am and I’ve found you.

Stand by my side and help mend these broken wings that desire your touch.

Because it is you I watched from up above.