Monthly Archives: May 2017


My mind is trapped in a state of worry and fear. 

My body is ready to do it all. 

I’m battling something I feel like I can’t control. I feel like a caged canary. 

Singing a beautiful tune yet feeling trapped. Trapped in this mind of worry and fear. 

Trapped from persuing what may be a blessing or what makes me happy. 

The more I speak about it the more I psych myself out that I can shake it off. But, when it’s time I’m stuck. 

Trapped like a canary singing a beautiful melody. 

Trapped in what the Lord has never granted me, fear and worry. 

I want to escape so bad. 

I want to escape so bad. 



It’s a personal relationship. 

I stare at it and admire its beauty. Then I ask it all my desires. 

Why can’t you take me with you? Allow me to see another world. 

Wash away all my sorrows, guilts and sins. 

I stare at it for hours and allow it to wash my feet. But, still I ask why won’t you take me with you? 

The ocean, where it knows more of me than I do myself. 

The ocean when once I’m inside all guilt and sorrow has disappeared. I never want to get out. I never want to leave. 

I wonder…

I wonder…..

I wonder if your hands desire my body as much as they do hers.

I wonder if your smile is as genuine with me as it is with her.

Do you hold her close as you do with me?

Does she tremble just like me when your lips touch her body?

Is her “I Love You” as honest as mine?

Are you able to extend your love between the two of us and continue the trustworthiness?

I wonder if I am your number 1 and she is your second, soon to be non-existant.


There’s confusion in the air 
Souls are lost trying figure out if they belong to one another or someone else. 

There’s confusion in the air. 

No one is who they say they are. 

Remove their masks and see all truths. 

There’s confusion in the air. 

Confusion of life, love and purpose. 

There’s confusion in the world. 

Who are you? 

What are you searching for? 

What do you want from me?

What are you searching for? 

I’ve got nothing to hide yet truth is what you search for. 

Is it me or you? I’m second guessing myself and every step I make between you and I. 

I’ll be right when you’re ready… But wait a minute, would that be right? 

What are you searching for???





In the air I am free!!

Released from all anxiety and sorrow…

With no realization I am calm. I do not ever want to land. If I were a millionaire I’d pay the pilot only to land and get gas.

I want to forever be high with you or with my thoughts.

It is a very difficult feeling to ever describe because I feel as though I am always  judged for being so different and magical.

All I say is that all my writing tells a story and if you take time thread and understand you’d actually love and understand it because it speaks of all trials and tribulations.