Monthly Archives: April 2017


I feel like I’m shackled. I can’t move. 

Shackled by anxiety, thoughts and strange feelings…

I want to get away but I can’t. I’m shackled down and can’t move. 

I’ve allowed all negativity to take over and I’m slowly trying to break these chains. 

I’ve given all problems to the Highest. 



I inhaled it all. Anxiety, Sorrow, Sadness, Madness, all that kept my crown from falling. 

I inhaled it all. 

As I released, I allowed the water drops to wash it all away. 

As I took the breath I allowed each drop to remove all that deters me from my purpose. 

Each drop ran through my body as the tears shed right behind. 

I felt strength building slowly as I exhaled and allowed it to take over my body. 

There, down the drain I left all that kept me from being me. 

I inhaled it all. 

just be.

Create within me your happiness.

Allow me to guide you and allow you to realize you truest potential.

In exchange, I ask for nothing more than your purest you!

The Culture 

I'd like to thank my mother for teaching me how to make finger licking Dominican food. Although you made me learn the hard way I appreciate how great my tostones and habichuela negra tastes. 

Dad, thanks for teaching me the old school Dominican ways. How family got together each and every Sunday. Also, how we created our own ritual with sopa every Sunday.  

To both my parents thank you for teaching me the culture. Culture of Dominican love, cooking and what it really means to be a Dominican family. 

Much love to my Culture.