Monthly Archives: March 2017

Pedal drop…

I sat quietly drinking my glass of wine and watching the television.

There I heard the lightest thump ever. I looked over and noticed that a rose pedal dropped.

As I saw the pedal on the counter I smiled and said, he loves me!

Now I steadily glance as the half dozen of roses are in full bloom to see if one will fall again.

In the mean time I’ve realized he loves me.


Dear Self,

Dear Self,

It’s time to go to bed. Quit looking back at your phone waiting on a phone call or text. His words are just words and truth be told they are given to you with no sincerity. Go to bed and wake up more focused on yourself as you did before he even entered into your life.

The two most important men in your life already love you, God and your father. He was an added bonus, a delightful bonus but without any compassion towards you.

I am not telling you to stop loving and give up because you, my friend are a rare breed. You’re carefree and loving.

Just go to bed because it’s not going to happen and the torture is not helping. One day the right person will come along and this letter will be a thing of the past.





I feel it 

What if I told you I know. 

I know, I feel it. 

It’s going to be sudden and unexpected. 

What if I told you I can feel it chasing me and I’m trying so hard to pray it away. 

I feel it and it’s not a good feeling. 

It’s almost as if it’s going to tap me on the shoulder and just take me. 

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you I can feel death following me. 

I can feel the end sooner than you think…

I wonder 

I wonder if all I endure is a test. A test to make me stronger for whomever I am destined for. 

I wonder is all the lost loves I’ve had were lessons of what I should not do for the next man. 

I wonder if God creates certain events in my life to help me open my eyes that sometimes I must follow my mind and not my heart. 

Lastly, I wonder if you exist. Are you out there or will I forever be the hopeless romantic that writes about love stories and heartbreak. 

The most loving people have the most hurt in their hearts….

I wonder.