Monthly Archives: February 2017



There I sat every so often glancing at my phone waiting in anticipation for a text or a phone call from you. I kept myself busy surfing the internet and writing more and more stories of love and heartbreak. Consistently looking from the corner of my eye to make sure I did not miss your text. As I wrote about love I thought about what our love story would consist of.

I’d to start it off as creating an endless friendship, an incredible friendship. From there I will be there to push you towards any thought and idea you may come up with. I will be there to listen to moments in life that mattered to you. Moments that made you happy, sad, and challenged you. We’d create a covenant for ourselves with support and love for one another. We’d take over the world and live limitless!

There I sat writing and glancing.


That is the love I am searching for. Are you the one?


Thoughtful nights 

As I sat there and listened to the words of the song I thought about what worlds I’d choose if I wrote a letter to you. Here goes nothing!

Dear …..

Here I sit thinking about the moment we met. Then thoughts of our in between time appear on my mind. The full moon night when it felt like nothing else existed but you and I. 

I hope you’re doing good and life is full of an abundance of happiness.