Monthly Archives: November 2016

One Last Time

If I could sit in front of you one last time I would.

I would sit there and look at you right in your eyes and let you see the pain you’ve caused. I’d let you see how hurt I have been since you have walked out of my life. I would let you speak and accept your apology.

I’d hold your hand and allow your hands to caress my back. I would allow you to take me one last time. I would allow myself to become entrapped in your so-called, “love.” Why? Because I was/am madly in love with you and as much as it hurts to peel an old wound it feels amazing for that moment.

So for that moment I would lose my mind for you. I would lay by your side and give you my entirety, my all.

As the sun rises I would come to the realization of what I did but, the pain would be worth it. I would be yours for the night and you would be mine for the moment.

I would not argue with you leaving because I already knew you were on your way out so I would kiss you and walk into the shower. As I showered I would hope you’d be gone before I got out so that I would not have to look at your eyes no longer. I would no longer feel your flesh and I would begin healing my wound again.

My love for you is that deep. No I am not nice, just in love.


Soul Mates 

Souls are meant to find one another no matter the hurdles they come across. 

Souls can never be kept apart no matter the person standing in front of them. 

Souls were created to be with one another no matter the challenges they face. 

We will find each other one day. 

Just a Rose 

I’m just a rose…. She’s a gorgeous bouquet filled with colors and life.

“I’m just a rose.” I say to her. 

She replies, “Baby girl, she may be a gorgeous bouquet but, don’t compare your flowers with hers.” 

“You have no idea if she’s surrounded by weeds or if she will last as long as you have.” 

Don’t compare your flowers because you don’t know how well she’s rooted. 

I’m just a rose. 

Here you go….

Here you go, I no longer want it anymore. I no longer want to feel it beat 100 miles per hour waiting on your arrival. I no longer want it beating when you place you hands on my body. Here you go, I no longer want it.

I no longer want it to warm my body every time you kiss my lips. I no longer need it because you have given it a different purpose. Just to keep me alive and I barely want to do that so, here you go take it!

I no longer want what made me feel your love. I no longer want what raced with every look into your eyes. Take it, keep it, enjoy it because I no longer need it.

Here you go, I no longer want it anymore.

Silent love

She sat in silence and he sat right beside her…

Chills ran down her spine and he removed his sports jacket to warm not only her but, her heart. I wanted to let her know that even after twenty years of marriage he would always be by her side. He took his hand and rubbed her knee for reassurance. She turned and looked at him in his eyes and simply smiled.

Her smile was all he needed because right then and there he knew that she was happy and safe. Quietly they sat and watched as the fate of the country would be determined within hours. Chills ran down her spine and he comforted her.

No matter the outcome he let her know that he would not allow anything or anyone come between them or harm her.

In silence they sat. She with his sport coat and he with his hand on her knee.

I witnessed love in silence yesterday.

Let’s Try

Let’s try….

Come on! Dive in deep with me…. I promise you won’t regret it.

You only have one life to live… Let’s live it to the fullest!


Paint her words…

It all started with a blank canvas.

Her words created the drawing.

She briefly described all her emotions and the canvas began to come to life.

Her stories of joy began to become magical bright colors.

Her stories of sorrows and pain grew the dark colors.

Tears flowed through her eyes creating the most unique painting of them all.

A photo of life, a photo of darkness all combines in one.

It all started with a blank canvas and her words.