Monthly Archives: October 2016

Treat her….

She’s as delicate as a flower.

Love her and watch her bloom.

Treat her wrong and her pedals will begin to fall one by one.

She’s as dangerous as love, love her anyway.

Watch her blosom into the love you desire once you treat her right.


I get it

I get it, I completely understand..

You’re the rage that keeps me going.

You’re the reason I strive for the best and never settle for less..

You are everything I am within that wants to let out…

You are the real me.


I’m in love with the wind because it whispers exactly what I want to hear….


You’re beautiful…

Everything is going to be ok….

Just listen. 

What is it? 

I know what it is.

It’s that in the middle of a meeting you pick up your phone and text, “I miss you.” 

When he comes home with flowers simply to let you know you’re special. 

I know what it is. 

I know when he holds you so tight at night just to let you know he’s got your back. 

When you sit in a tub together for hours talking about life, politics, love and our future. 

I know what Love is. 

So to all the bustas out here, you can’t trick me. 

I had real love, I just simply saw it fade away. 


Your words  melted my heart…. Made me want you more and more.

Your eyes and that look told a story… I wanted more and I wanted to know it all…

But, maybe your words were just words and you must have had something in your eyes..

Maybe you’re a smooth criminal… Stealing every moment and piece of me that you could.

Maybe this time I will not longer look into your eyes or listen…

Maybe I will just hear and not look….