Monthly Archives: July 2016

In The Crowded Room…

In a crowded room we brushed by one another. Our fingers intertwined between each other. In that small breath of a second I saw LIFE!

I saw the love we had for one another.

I witnessed our marriage and carried your seed.

We aged, laughed and died together. Our bond was inseparable.

In that small time of a second I witnessed true love and what life truly meant. I had found my soul mate.

But I lost you, in the crowded room.


Let’s chat……

I’ve got something to tell you….

Let me tell you, I fell hard instantly… When I say instant it kills me to know that it will never become as it should have….

Worst thing that interrupted it were the secrets or the disrespect??? The disrespect.

I held my composure but low key I felt hurt…. Hurt for a relationship that began as a friendship and then I feel has begun to fall apart. All I truly want is just one night of justification. Maybe it’s best this way….

We, as in you and I must figure this out… But now I’ve realized, observation is key… I fell hard because he gave me exactly what I wanted to hear…

So there it goes… I’ve told you….


Broken but, always smiling. 

Broken but, always shinning. 

Broken but, still have faith. 

Broken but, will always show the same love as the first. 

Broken but, still believing.