Monthly Archives: May 2016


If circumstances were different we’d be there one in one. 

We’d have the world in our hands and set sail to places unknown. 

If circumstances were different if he yours and you’d be mine. 

Life, would be easy breezy with you by my side and me by your side. 

If circumstances were different I wouldn’t be writing this stupid poem. 

Since they aren’t different I’ll be here finding my happiness with myself. Traveling places unknown with my journal and a camera. 

If circumstances were different, what do you think would happen??? 


Here it out….

Have patience, listen and always encourage. 

Stroke his ego here and there because although you’re extremely independent he likes to know that he’s needed. 

When he comes in the house give him the love he desires. Welcome him with open arms and open legs.

She gave her all the ammunition she needed to keep him. Let her know his ins and outs. 

When she got him. She was happy for her. 

Yet, to her realization she was still in love with him. 

But who is she and who is her? 

All he knew was that he was satisfied. 


However you may define EXHAUSTED, that is I.