Monthly Archives: April 2016

Her light. 

Maybe it was her light. She was too bright for them. Her brightness caused them to wear shades. Caused them to step out. 

Her independence caused fear in their minds and their eyes. Her light was what trees leaned over to soak up. It was something many yearned to just have a glimpse of but, it was her downfall. 

Her brightness was taken advantage of and little by little it began to dim. What once feed trees, people, bought smiles to many faces had begin to darken. 

It drained her and she began to enjoy the shade because she was all used up. In the shade she could be invisible and that’s what she became. 

Her brightness was too much for herself. 


Why HEsitate

Here’s where the hesitation lies… That hurtful feeling when you’re body feels like you’re heart is going to blow up. You begin to have a panic attack and feel as if the world has come to an end… So with those feelings embedded into your mind you hesitate to take his hand.

Those sleepless nights and unstoppable tears kept you from witnessing what could have been the happiest moments in your life.

Why Hesitate?