I want to JUMP!

I watched something last night that made me want to reevaluate how I look at life. I have always been an optimistic and my imaginations is truly whimsical. But, as I watch the video (in which I will post) I looked at my life and noticed that I have yet to jump. I have yet to leave it all in the grace of God and live.


I want to jump!


I want to dive into life head first! Without any worries becoming my barrier and stopping me from pulling that cord.


I watched my sister skydive one time and I felt so free watching her… It was as if all her worries jumped out of that plane with her but what landed was just her. He worries just disappeared and she began to LIVE! She jumped and she is as I want to feel every waking moment.


Forget it, I do not want it. I AM going to DO IT!


I am going to jump and see where my cards may lay. I have been through hell and high water and am still alive and breathing. I still carry a smile on my face each and everyday.


I am going to jump and follow my passion and when it is accomplished I will let the world know because I may be an inspiration to someone as many have been for me. I’m going to jump and make this one life amazing. Everything we are given is a loan from God so why not enjoy each and every moment…..





About travelingeyes

As I explore what this world has to offer me I share every moment with good friends and family. With a heart as big as the world I help many and love with all my being. Laughing is my drug, I get my fix from my amazing, hilarious and loving family. "Woodstock" is my nickname! Peace and Love.... Optimistic and laid back.... I picture life as a road map and make every moment in life memorable.... Crazy, Funny, Spontaneous, and Cute! View all posts by travelingeyes

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