Monthly Archives: January 2016

Write and Delete

I write and I delete.

Write and I delete.

Trying to get the perfect words out to tell my story or at least make my writing likable.

I write and I delete. Write and delete.

Trying to allow my imagination be free at last. I allow whatever gift I have to be given to the world, yet I am scared.

I write and I delete my true passion for life. How much I enjoy the feeling of my fingers touching each and every letter of this keyboard.

I guess I do not want to be corny or ridiculed because of my writing. What if my words do not touch anyone? What if I am just writing to write an no one truly notices how much passion I have behind each and every word.

I write and I delete yet continue to post in hopes that anything I write touches someone as much as words touch me.

I write and I delete.


Let me….

Let me touch you in a way that makes your entire body erupt.

Let me make you feel like you’re the only one in this world.

Let me kiss you as if all the stars have aligned and we feel fire works.

Let me be the one that allows you to see what real love really is.

Let me be the one that inspires you to be a better you.

Let me be me as I let you be you.

Let me love you and you’ll experience the most beautiful things in this world.

I want to JUMP!

I watched something last night that made me want to reevaluate how I look at life. I have always been an optimistic and my imaginations is truly whimsical. But, as I watch the video (in which I will post) I looked at my life and noticed that I have yet to jump. I have yet to leave it all in the grace of God and live.


I want to jump!


I want to dive into life head first! Without any worries becoming my barrier and stopping me from pulling that cord.


I watched my sister skydive one time and I felt so free watching her… It was as if all her worries jumped out of that plane with her but what landed was just her. He worries just disappeared and she began to LIVE! She jumped and she is as I want to feel every waking moment.


Forget it, I do not want it. I AM going to DO IT!


I am going to jump and see where my cards may lay. I have been through hell and high water and am still alive and breathing. I still carry a smile on my face each and everyday.


I am going to jump and follow my passion and when it is accomplished I will let the world know because I may be an inspiration to someone as many have been for me. I’m going to jump and make this one life amazing. Everything we are given is a loan from God so why not enjoy each and every moment…..


It wasn’t…

Right up under his arms is where I sleep. I stay for a moment and then remove myself. It’s right then and there that I realize he is not the same man I would sleep up under time and time again. Something has changed, someone has changed.


It wasn’t me, it was him. He was another man, one that I tried to replicate into the past yet, the feelings weren’t there. The body, touch ,texture of his skin did not match what I’ve been yearning for time and time again.


Maybe it was time to give up. Time to give up on the search of that similar happiness that helped make the world seem like a blur and happiness seem like it was all I needed. Time to give up on finding that lost feeling that left with him when I got on that plane.


It was over and all I had was another body on the other side of my bed. Another soul leaving his make in my home. For a moment I was satisfied but never truly happy. So there I laid with my back turned praying to find that one feeling I once had when he laid by my side and I slept right under him.


It wasn’t him, it was me….