Monthly Archives: November 2015

Soulful love

Once the soul falls in love it’s all over… The heart has nothing on one’s soul…

It’s endless thinking, endless love. You’d kill or die for him. 

My soul officially belongs to you and no other.

Worst part is when I fall in love with my heart I can kill it quick… My soul on the other hand, I can’t sleep.. 

I’m in pain once your gone. It’s an unexplainable emotion…

Irreplaceable feeling…

When I meet you, I pray my soul doesn’t fall in love because the pain of losing you is already making my heart ache. 


Keep Looking….

As you search for a resolution look within yourself. Is  it worth trying and trying again when you already know the end result.


Is there truly hope that the result will come to what you desire?

Is there a chance that maybe you deserve a second chance?


Are you holding on to something with fear that the blessings you had before you will not be worth the same as the blessing you had in the past?


What are you seeking??


Closure came when you couldn’t go back, yet you can not accept it. Closure came when all the doors closed before you but one!


Where do you go next?


Forward… That is the only place to go.


Keep pushing forward because as they say, when one door closes another door opens.


Keep your faith and always pray on it. Follow the signs because life has a funny way of showing itself to you. You just have to be willing to listen and follow it.



I’m not sure who you are….

As I looked through my old writing I came upon this writing I wrote a few months ago. I have so many unfinished passages because my mind tends to draw a blank many times. My life has taken a toll yet, I still continue to write because it is in reality my one true passion. I know it is not perfect, I know others write a whole lot better than me but I will not give up on this one thing. Below is my unfinished writing I wrote a while ago. I hope you all enjoy:

You’re a magnet. Everyone easily gravitates towards you.

That smile is contagious and boy oh boy, your being is overwhelming.

The fact that you’re so down to earth and your heart is so pure makes you an automatic.

Your kindness is often mistaken for weakness and many take advantage of you easily yet, you remain resilient because you know that in the end you will persevere and make it to your truest peak.

You’ll always be tried and tested but, that energy and smile shine though it all.

Your quiet attitude is mistake as a stuck up human being to many yet those that know you well know how much love you have for the world. How much you want to give it your all.

I enjoy just standing by your side and staring at that smile. Your smile makes all the worries of the world temporary disappear.

Where are you is my only question.

These dreams just show a blur and your resilient smile.

Piece by Piece 

As I stood there looking at my naked body, I said to myself, why are you single Sip? 

I looked at myself and smiled. Thought about it………

Then said to my true self, “I am single because no man has become the whole man I seek. Just as he seeks for his other half.”

Each man has a piece of me I wish I could take back, because my soul is running out.

Piece by Piece 


There is so much I want to write about but, my mind has not focused on one topic. In the mean time enjoy Adele’s new song because it gives me life! Or maybe it’s just her voice….

What are your thoughts behind the meaning of the song???