Good Morning

I’m in love, in love with being in love. Is it just lust? Could it all be an illusion?

A “good morning” text just to let him know that he is on your mind. A response is not needed because as time goes on you begin to create excuses for him. Maybe his phone was off, maybe he did not get the text, maybe there was no service, maybe he’s still asleep.

Finally, when the text is returned it is short and sweet, “hey baby, how are you?” Of course you wait a while so that it does not seem like you’ve been waiting for this text all day and simply respond, “I’m blessed honey, how are you? And it ends there.

Never a phone call, all is done through text.

It is an illusionary relationship.

You may feel that it is real yet, he has no idea. He might just text back to make you feel better. Men think that women love that shit. They think if they text early in the morning it gives the female an illusion that you are thinking about her. He usually will text back because he feels it is his duty and not because he wants to.

You, you refuse to believe that it is not real. You hold on to the idea of him wanting you as he says he does.

Any chance you get you ask if he’s coming to visit or if he would like you to go visit him. You expect a response but instead the subject is changed or avoided. The topic of visiting is never bought up again.

With that being said, is the illusion worth having? Is waiting for a text back all worth it?

Good morning

Hey baby

How are you


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