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Her Soul 

With every touch she felt a piece of her soul entering his body. Each day she became less and less of herself. When her true soulmate came around it was too late. She had given her soul away every night she layed with the wrong one. 



To those that think it is cool to just walk out in a check while in a restaurant, let me personally tell you it’s not!! 

I, the server have to pay for the $170 tab you decided to walk away from. As I consistently checked on you and bought you exactly everything you asked for with a smile and grace. You and your MacBook typing friends all decide to walk out on me. Today I have to take in a speech from my boss about securing tabs and that it was my responsibility. 

When is it the responsibility of the guest to take some type of fault in their action. One thing I dislike about the service industry is that no matter how wrong that guest is I have to take the heat. 

So here goes, $170 off my check and a write up that will forever be in my record. Now I’ll have to wait 6 months until I’ll be able to transfer anywhere in the company. Thank you for being so careless, more like thoughtless when I did all I could to assure you had a smooth experience. 

Please do not use, oh I forgot to pay the tab as an excuse because maybe if you and your team took two seconds to look at me while I served you and acknowledge me it would have never happened. So consumed in “work” you’ve become disrespectful to the help. Ignorant at that!

I bet you would not even remember my name as I introduced myself to the table. 


There she layed on her stomach as he caressed her back. His hands tingled vertically up and down her spine. She could lay there forever is all she could think. But then she realized that once she awaken from the dream, neither she nor he will be on the same bed. It never existed as she imagined. 

A Rose

I’d be a rose. Why, you ask. Because a rose can grow out of the toughest of dirt, even concrete. It’s thorns protect the heart and delicate petals. It blossoms so beautifully. Lastly, because when it dies. The rose dies with grace. Forever becoming more and more beautiful with age.

I’d be a rose.

D is a B!!

Depression is a Bitch!

I want to take it and stab it several times. I want to torture it and make it feel as I feel. It is a never ending battle of being yourself and the darkness that wants to take over. As happy as you want to be or try to be, your eyes say it all. My light is dimming slowly and all I want to do is be alone. Alone with the sorrow and darkening thoughts.

Depression is a Bitch!

I push everyone away, even those closest to me. I do not mean to, I just do not want them to see me this way. The scariest thought that runs through me is, why do I exist? If I did not have such a big family, friends that cared and siblings that had my back I would have done it a long time ago. I know it’s selfish of me to say considering how much I love God but the thoughts are at times overwhelming.

Depression is a Bitch!

Admitting to it is the worst because for many they see it as a sign of weakness. They it is all mental and it can just be shaken off. Another thing to consider is as a single woman not many men want to handle a woman whose mood changes like a light switch. Men shy away from it because they want a woman put together and right now, I’m a bunch of pieces to a puzzle trying to put myself together. Praying for a change. Praying for that missing light I have/had within me that is dimming away.

Depression is a Bitch!

Would I seek help? Of course, who wants to be sad everyday? Who wants to sit around thinking of ways to disappear without saddening others? Who wants to seem so weak?

Depression is a Bitch!

Especially when your demeanor is noticed by so many and others know how fun and happy you’ve always been. Now, you’re someone no one, not even yourself wants to be around.

Depression is a Bitch!

I pray to God that he brings my light back because Depression is a Bitch!