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Thank You….

Written in 2013… Publishing my archives. 

Thank you to my first love… He taught me how special love can truly be.

Thank you to my parents… They took the time out to conceive me and raise me up right.

Thank you to Mr. June, his birthday is in June. He taught me that there are other people having a badder day than I am so I should always be grateful.

All of my life experiences have molded me into the individual I am today. I may not be happy with where I am at the moment but I am happy with who I am.

Everyone enters your life for a reason, even if it’s short term or for a lifetime. You always learn a little more about yourself through them.

Thank you to my BBC they always knew how to bring a smile to my face… To the grave!!

Thanks to my girls they give me that extra push whenever I need it. We’ve shared more laughter than tears and that’s always a great thing.

Most importantly thanks to God! Without him I wouldn’t be taking the breaths I take, I wouldn’t be on this world. Although he’s challenged me and continues to I never give up my faith. Without faith or belief nothing would really matter.

Sometimes you just need to say thank you. Not for a specific, just so they know how much they are appreciated. Simply to let them know.

So here’s my huge THANK YOU!! To the struggles that taught me lessons and to the accomplishments that made me grateful.

Thank you!


Dear …..

I wrote this back in 2012 and never published it but today I’m publishing all my drafts: 
Dear ………,

The day I meet you I’ll be very reserved and shy at first. Within a few minutes of me feeling your vibe I will probably warm up to you.

I will fight not to fall in love with you, not because I don’t want to but because my heart is being pieced together piece by piece at the moment.

We will share stories. Talk about favorite foods, colors and places to go. When I’ve begun to feel your heart and see your sincerity I’ll give you my heart and let the walls down.

I hold no reservations when it comes to love. Why? Because if you can’t love all the way then you are not truly loving at all.

I must warn you though, I have a tribe for a family and I love each and everyone of them. We are always there for one another as I will be there for you. We’ve been through a lot together so we are very close but don’t let it intimidate you. We love and welcome everyone in our lives.

I will give you the trust and respect you deserve but don’t take advantage because once the trust is gone I will doubt many of the words that come out of your mouth. I’ll go back into my shell and reserve myself and feelings. It will take a lot more than an “I’m sorry” to get me out.

……, I’m a loving charismatic girl who loves adventure but can also just sit at home and enjoy a good movie or a book.

I’m not looking for much, just the same love I give you. The same trust and respect I give you and great times together.

I believe that a couple can concur the world better and faster than one individual. If you’re ready let me know.

Take my hand and we will lead one another into the right direction. We will be there for each other and create our own euphoria. We will show each other right from wrong. We won’t let temptation fool us and we will always stay positive.

I am here for you as you are here for me. So let’s take this dive together and see where our love for one another takes us. Lets grow old and grey together. Create memories that we can share with our children and grandchildren.

….. if you read this I’m ready.

My smile.

The smile on a child’s face.

Watching an old couple hold hands and tell me they’ve been married for 30 plus years.

A simple thank you.


A great book.

My father’s laugh.

My mother’s smile.

All of my siblings together under one roof playing.

My brothers. 

My sisters. 

My niece. 

My writing. 

The beach.




Writing my life on random pieces of paper. 



Real friends that give real advice and are truthful.

Flowers once a week.

These are the things that bring joy to my heart. These are the things that make me excited for what’s to come. This list is who and what I live for.



I read an old saying that soul mates minds are connected from birth. With that being said, when you can’t sleep your soul mate can’t sleep. 

I gave the old saying a try. I text someone close to my heart. Just said, “hey, are you awake?” 

As I wrote those four words my heart pounded and pounded with fear that he would not respond. Sure enough the fear came true. There was no response. 

No response made me question everything. Do I love him or just care about him? Do I just not want to lose him? Are we meant for one another? Why didn’t he respond? Was it too late to text? As bad as my mind moves this made for one sleepless night. 

If it’s not him then who is it? Who else is up with me wondering about life, the world, and how to love? 

The closer I get… 

The closer I get, the harder I fall. The further you are, the more it will hurt. You gave me life and made me believe. 

Without you I’m like a rose without water. An ocean with no water. A vision without sight. 

The closer I get the harder I fall. 

The harder it is to move on because you are my sunshine in the darkness. My air when I breath and the path that I walk. 
Without you I’m a newborn starting life all over again. 

I’m here….

I hope that all of the reality you live in is what you truly love. I hope that all those dreams are being truly lived. In the mean time I will be here by your side day in and day out. You can not see me, you can not feel me but, just know that I am there. I am there as you lay on your bed crying every night for my presence. I am there when you’re ripping and running each day hustling to make something of yourself.

Until the day comes that we reunite I ask that you watch over yourself and the family. You’re too smart to allow darkness to overcome your fire. Your light is too bright and I ask that you continue to shine until the day comes that you and I will reunite and share stories about our past and adventures in reality.

Until then always remember that I am here!

Excuse me….

Before you put your hands down my pants let me get to know you. Let me understand you better. Before you pull off my underwear let ask, Do you have a job?? 

Just because I enjoy going out does not give you justification that all I want is a one night stand with some random. Your first name isn’t enough for me. Your looks aren’t satisfying me. That outfit you have on doesn’t even tickle my fancy. 

So before you try and lick on my neck or even hold my hand let me know what you’re about. This P right here isn’t interested in getting wet for one night. This P doesn’t need to instant gratification. That’s not what I’m about. 

Don’t let my “turn up” fool you. I’m more than just a party girl. If you really knew, I’m a sister, a daughter, a best friend, a listener, a writer, an extremely hard worker, an avid book worm, an ESPN junkie, and best of all a lover! 

The harder I work the more I deserve whatever night I feel like going out. A night without you trying to rub up on my back and whisper sweet garbage in my ear. Save it for the other gullible chick standing over there wishing she was in this section. The one who’d do just about anything to even get a sheer look from you. Hey, I’m sure that’s the one you truly want. The one who’s down for “whatever.” 

Before you brush your penis imprinted denim on my little behind, what’s your name??