Monthly Archives: July 2015

where are you?

It’s as if your presence is right by my side. As if you’re watching my every step and all I fear is that I am not making you proud of me. 

I fear that you are disappointed with every move I’ve made. Although I am the oldest, not having you around has messed with my head. I’ve made some bad decisions with no regrets. 

I feel you watching me and I do it all with thoughts of, well if he were here he would do this. I want to do it all so you can experience it with me. 

I want to show you the world. 

I want you to tell me or show me if I’m right or wrong. 

I need you, I miss you!


Must confess

I must confess I’m still in love. Still in love with those moments where we just layed there and spoke about our futures. In love with your smile, touch and wild heart. 
Now, you’re too far to touch. Too far to hear or see. You’ve now become nothing but a whimsical memory. A never ending memory. 
The others that I’ve come across are unable to fill the void within me. Unable to make my heart pace the way you made me feel. They are unable to bring that smile back to my face. Now, I just plaster one on. 
I must confess, I’m still in love.