Monthly Archives: June 2015

Hold your breath 

If love feels like holding your breath I’ll hold my breath for the rest of my life. 

I’d pass out, get up and hold it again with no fear. The only fear would be to lose your love and have to live life just breathing. 

Inhale and exhale without you. 

So just take my breath away forever. I would hold it endlessly with no fear of pain. 


Here it goes…

It’s been a while and everyday my mind is filled with thoughts of what I should write. 

So tonight I’ll just write. Hopefully brining back my skills, if it’s what I have. 

Trying to make it all work right. 

Trying to hold on tight to optimism because they say the optimist make it very far in life. 

Always believing that the best is yet to come. Best in life, love and maybe a few new memories. 

Working hard to have my own because at the end of the day, it’s just you until you allow another in your life. 

Working hard to find my heart smiling again. 

Working hard for that moment where I can say, wow I’m so happy!!!