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Set Aside

Set aside all your anger.
Set aside all the hate.
Put away your weapons and hold open your arms.

Here I am to help warm your heart and allow you to feel something different. Something your cold blooded heart has never felt.

Here I am to show you love.


Dear Ms.

Dear Ms. BOSSYBXTCHBLANDINO, (Instagram name),

I am pleased that my family has become the center of your universe. I am elated to see that you feel an immense joy as to the events that occurred on May 2, 2014. It is thrilling to see that you are ecstatic to the tragedy that has been bought about with my family.

Here you sit behind your phone or computer if you own one sending messages to my family members telling them how happy you are about my brother’s death.

It is thrilling that I get to know that you are happy to know that a 4 year old little girl has to grow up without her father. It’s great to know that when her friends begin to ask her what happened to her father she will not know the proper way to answer them. Why? Because he wasn’t taken the God intended it to happen. You cold blooded “cousin” if that is what he is to you took him away.

But that’s not the only thing, you must have a mother right? You wouldn’t be brought into this world if you didn’t. Well, I’m happy that you’re happy that my mother is numb. Numb to the world and the rest of her children. That now my mother is on medication and maybe every other month we have to talk her out of hurting herself. Must be nice to be happy about such a thing.

Hey, what about my father? Are you happy about the pain he’s going through now? Never a smile on his face anymore. His eyes are dry yet filled with tears are you speak to him. He goes about his days with the unknown and pain.

Don’t even let me tell you what his siblings or girlfriend are going through. You know what, I won’t. I think we’ve made your day way too much.

My goodness, I can go on and on about how happy and thrilled I am that we the Rodriguez family are the center of your universe.

You see here, I am a firm believer that God don’t like ugly. Right now Miss, you’re disgusting.

You can sit back and say all you want but, what you say are words and you’re a coward to say such evil things. Let me ask you this, what do you do? You say you’re a Boss Bxtch? What do you own? I’m just curious because I could have sworn bosses don’t have time to sit back and type cowardly words to other people’s families.

Now you’ve gotten the attention you’ve been seeking. I hope this brightens your day.

Happy trails to you, BOSSYBXTCHBLANDINO because at the end of the day he’s still wanted for murder. Meaning LIFE in prison.



In God’s words: Exodus 23:7- “Do not put an innocent person to death, for I will condemn anyone who does such evil things.”

Me and the coward….

The critiques don’t scare me. The words don’t fear me. Why? Because if ever a day and I am right in front of you, you’ll bow your head down and act as if no words were ever said.

People now a days do not know handle a situation face to face or one on one. They hide behind a keyboard or their cell phones. Typing evil threats or words that they feel will make someone feel some type of way. Yet, they have no idea who they are messing with.

Your words empower me to become greater. They give me the strength I need to prove everyone, including you completely wrong!

There you go saying the worst of my family but what no one knows about my family is that we as a whole are a powerful team. What have you done with your life?

Only cowards type words of threats. You must be bored with your life or maybe even a little jealous of ours.

Social media has become the Mecca of threats and bullies. But here’s what I’ve learned when shit hits the fan and you see that individual in person you have absolutely nothing to say.

So go ahead and sit back and hate on my family and life because no matter what we will accomplish what we set our hearts and minds to. While you, you sit behind that keyboard like the coward that you are.

Was I suppose to feel some type of way because you tell me my brother deserved to die???? Well here goes nothing, NEGATIVE!! Grow up because only an idiot would say something like that. Only someone who has no life would ever wish evil on another.

Here’s what my family and I will do. Pray for you because obviously you need a prayer and then I’ll leave it all in God’s hands.

You’ll see…..

Surrender Me

“I’d surrender my being to see you whole again….”

I read that quote once and it spoke to me.

I’d surrender my being to see you whole again.

I’d surrender my being to see that endless smile and hear that priceless laugh.

I’d surrender my soul to see you here enjoying life with your daughter.

It should have been me and not you.

It should have been me, because I am not a part of this world.

It should have been me because she needs her father and they need you.

Life’s not the same and I’d give it all up to see you whole.


The love that a woman has for another individual is so surreal to me. They way they dedicate themselves to that one individual just amazes me.

For these past few years I’ve tried to live my life as if my heart were just an organ and love or those types of feelings for someone else do not exist. I must say that it’s easier said than done. There has to be some type of connection in order for you to even hang out with someone so how can one just go through life with no emotion?

I’ve tried it and am still trying it but, there comes a time when that one person comes back into your life and your heart starts skipping those beats. Your body gets all warm and tingly inside. That grin on your face just can’t go away.

So much time has elapsed. You’ve accustomed yourself to no longer believe the promised that these men speak of. You’re just going with the flow until they just grab and go. It’s unfortunate but it’s how you function.

Yet, there he was and you couldn’t confront him, hit him, yell at him. You couldn’t do anything but give a simple hello. So many questions to ask and nothing came out your mouth except family talk.

As time passed there you were hoping it didn’t end but, you already knew it wasn’t the same. So as the talks continued and time went on your emotions became numb again. You’d look at him and realize that it was no longer there. That flame you had in your heart burning and yearning for him had been put out. Now, you just worried and wanted to make sure he was ok.

The heart has a mind of its own and the way a woman loves is undefinable and unpredictable.