Monthly Archives: December 2014

That night

Her dress was fitted and it hugged her body in all the right places. Her lips, a sultry red that made every man want a taste of them. The moon was right and she put on her best heels and headed out the door.

As she entered the night club the music took control of her body. The drinks kept coming and her body kept moving. A slight pause and there he was staring right back at her. She had never seen this man before but something about him made her feel oh so good inside. He did not intervene her dancing, instead he just watched her move because he knew that by the end of the night he would be the one tasting her sultry red lips.

Last call came quickly and she was not ready for the night to end. She took his hand and they walked out together. She had no idea what she was doing, all she knew was that the night was young and her body wanted him.

She followed him in her car and the made a stop at a local park. There they both quickly crossed the street and sat on the bridge overlooking the lake. He wrapped his arms around her and imaged feeling her body as if she wasn’t wearing a dress. She turned her head to look at him and there it happened. She let him taste her lips.

The lips every man wanted now belonged to him for the night and she enjoyed every moment. So badly she wanted to jump his bones. So badly she wanted him to just take control of her body but, he remained a gentleman and just enjoyed the moment of her lips against his.

As darkness became light she realized it was time to depart. He walked her to her car and gave her one last kiss.

Her night was complete and she drove home reminiscing every moment of that night.