Monthly Archives: November 2014

Shower thoughts….

There I stood in the shower while the steam created a fog in my bathroom.

There I stood in the shower as I felt the hot water warm my cold skin. As every drop that came out of the shower head massaged my back.

There I stood with my head held low and thoughts juggling through my mind like a circus act. Each drop beaded off my warm skin and at times I could not tell if I had tears rolling out of my eyes or it was just the water from the shower.

There I stood having my moment. The only time I had to myself and I was not sure whether I wanted to end it or allow my body to prune itself. I made the best decisions while in the shower but, as soon as I walked out reality would strike and I knew those decisions would have to wait a while.

There I stood wanting to have the ability to make time stand still. Make time stop so I could just stand in there for a few more minutes without fear or urgency of having to get out.

The shower was my sanctuary and I didn’t want to leave because I knew as soon as my foot stepped out and touched the rug reality would shake me up! I would have to return back to the real world where my body and mind no longer connected with the world.

There I stood wanting more time and less pain. Wishing I was brave enough to finally make those decisions come to life. Wishing time would stand still and the steam would continue.


2013…. It was different

He wrote me a letter, no one’s ever wrote me a letter but I learned that the words were just words: 2013

Dear TipSip

What that is!! It’s ya boi.
Hahah im bout as crazy as they come sometime but on the cool I’m excited about you And I sincerely think we have a lot of potential together. As you may know I can’t comprehend why or how I feel the way I do about you but you give me the sense tht Life can be fulfilled with a friend and with a soulmate. I know you prolly don’t really know what to believe with me Sometimes but I can truly say I have love for you And am in love with you @ the same time.
You feel so right and I feel tht you have my best interest in mind: as we’ll as I yours
I want you to know I think the world of you. And I think it’s time you start thinking the same of yourself. Your Special and I want you around Hopefully for the Long Haul.
Your great the way you are. Be yourself believe in yourself and love yourself.

Because I certainly do.
I love you and every moment with you has been a wonderful 1 and I look forward to the mAny more in our near and prolonged future

My TipSip.

“It’s JUS Different”

If you don believe in yourself I do. I think highly of you and believe you can do whatever you put your mind too.