Monthly Archives: October 2014

Long Roads….

The road seemed longer and her light was seemingly dim.
It no longer shined with excitement or joyfulness. It just flickered like a flashlight running out of juice.

She kept pushing forward even when she had to drive through the darkness. Even if she drove through it blind. You see, there was something within her that would not let go of the thought that there was something greater out there! That once she could get through the shadows she would find that light again.

She would find her again.

The road seemed longer and she didn’t give up. Her mind and her heart agreed that she shouldn’t give up.

She continued to drive past the dim road and into the darkness hoping to find brightness once more.

The road seemed longer and she didn’t care!


Are you talking to anyone??

Every conversation starts and ends with I love you mom.

Here’s the middle of the conversation, “are you talking to anyone?” “You don’t have a secret lover over there?”

Everyday I’m asked and everyday is the same response. My poor mom wants me to be in a relationship so bad.

Last convo ended with, “are you sure you’re not gay.”

I laughed it off and told her she had six other kids to worry about being in a relationship. One that’s nearly going to be engaged and the other who’s in a relationship.

It’s not that I don’t want to be in a relationship but, I haven’t met anyone that sparks my interest. Or….. Am I being too picky.

Maybe he will just approach me and smack me in the face!!

Here’s the thing. I’m busy working, trying to figure out this novel. Staying focused on myself. If I miss out on “that” guy well, hopefully there will be another.

To the women who are constantly asked by their mom’s if they are in a relationship I feel your pain.

Mom, please don’t worry if I end up alone at least I’ll be happy alone because I accomplished my dreams. She will be a bit upset but I just don’t have time for that right now.

As many times as I tell her I will hear the same question tomorrow. I love that woman!

Lets ride….

Come on, hop in.

Take this ride with me and explore this world.

Don’t worry I won’t bite…. I may nibble but never bite.

Let’s dig our feet in the ocean and drown in its waves.

Take my hand and hold it tight because this journey is just the beginning.

We’ll get restless. We’ll get tired but, let’s not give up.

Let the sun glow on your face and take in the beauty that is.

Get in! Lets go! Come on!

Ride with me, get lost with me.

Be found with me.


There we stood, you and I staring in pain.

I looked at you and deep inside my soul I cried. What I would do to take all your pain away is all I could think about.

How hard you ache right can never be described and there we stood together staring.

I held your hand, you squeezed it tight. So tight you were afraid you’d lose me but, I wasn’t going anywhere unless I was able to take your place and remove your pain.

No words would ever heal you. No symbols could ever erase that date in time where your world just crumbled and you couldn’t place the puzzle pieces together again.

But, there I stood by your side praying that I could be that force of energy that could somehow someway take away that never ending pain.

That pain of losing a piece of your soul.

As I held your hand we stood in silence and we both knew that we, together would have to hold one another up.

Yet, there I stood with hopes that I could replace that pain with joy or just erase that moment in time. Start fresh as they would say.


Black is the color of coal, ebony, and of outer space. It is the darkest color, the result of the absence of or complete absorption of light.

As it is described is how I feel.


The light in my heart has be absorbed and diminished.

No longer shining in light and love. Now just dark with sadness and hurt.


Impossible to see through it. Like a darkness of fog my heart is black.

The light is so small you’ll miss it if you blink. Hoping one day with faith the darkness will banish along with the pain.