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Last Year Run In….

A little over a year ago there they stood in West Palm Beach. As she checked into her hotel with her friends he walked over. She had no idea who he was but, he was well known amongst her friends. He walked over and greeted them then proceeded to greet her.

There he stood this rugged country boy, you could hear it in his voice. With this beard that she could not get her eyes off. His style was all his own. A style that no one could replicate and she enjoyed it. These army print denim jeans and bright sneakers. She always enjoyed a man who thought outside the box when it came to style.

As he introduced himself her took her phone from her hand and called himself with it. He had hooked her in like a fish on a line. She took the bait because she had no choice. She found it intriguing, the man had taken initiative and left his imprint. His aggressiveness turned her on.

After they checked in he went his way and the ladies proceeded to their rooms. It was a one night extravaganza and the ladies knew they had to get ready for it. As they prepared for their night the ladies told her to call him and invite him to the room. After a shower and gossip there he was knocking on the door and she let him in. He came with a friend and they all sat, drank and listened to music. Soon after he and his friend departed so that the ladies could get ready for the night.

He was on her mind more than she expected so they dressed to impress that night. With hair done, lipstick on and heels high the ladies headed out to the lobby of the hotel where they met the rest of the gang. Everyone went into different cars and met at a night club. He saw her and she saw him yet, during the entire night they just pretended as if it were nothing. She knew he noticed her but it was as if they didn’t want the rest of the world to make a big deal out of the situation and they wanted to keep it their little secret.

As the night progressed and everything began to close everyone went back to the hotel where they hung out in the lobby. As she sat in the lobby talking to everyone else she found it interesting that he was not around with the rest of the crew. Well, it was more like she was a bit disappointed that she didn’t see him because she wanted to look some more. It was as if he had disappeared.

Then, all of a sudden her phone went off and there it was a text! A text from him asking her to meet him not in his bedroom but, at the steps of the hotel. He wanted to see her at the stairs in the middle of her floor and his floor. She agreed but did not head over too quickly. She wanted to make him wait a bit so she headed to her room and showered. Put on something a bit more comfortable, leggings and a t-shit. She took a quick look in the mirror and met him at the stairs.

There they sat for hours talking about anything and everything. They spoke about family, life and careers. It was as if she knew his whole life during the hours they spent on the stairs. When it was time to go he gave her a big hug and a peck on her cheek. It was a hug she would never forget because it made her feel safe.

The next day he came to her room and just laid with her in the bed. He sat in the bathroom as she showered and they just picked up where they left off the night before. Then, he headed out to get ready himself. It was time to head back home so she and her friends packed up and headed to the airport. As she left the airport she saw him again outside of the hotel and they just gave each other a look and continued walking.

She never told her girlfriends any of the events that occurred that night into the day. She wanted to keep it her little secret because she saw something in him she knew not many saw. As she flew back home she wondered if she would ever see him again. If she did not see him she would be ok with it because it was a night that left an imprint in her heart and mind.




It’s like being stuck in a jail cell.

These four corners are becoming a little too familiar.

There’s a sudden angst to get out and breathe in something new.

The eyes want to see more. The heart wants to beat differently.

The hands and body want to feel something.. Anything!

The butterfly in the stomach feeling is truly being missed.

That feeling of excitement ha become a thing of the past that she’s calling out for. Yearning deeply for.

These four corners are becoming a little too familiar and the mind is ready to be blown before it turns to mush.

It’s like being in a jail cell and someone needs to hand her the keys!

Sky high

There is always a sudden urge to leave. Not because she isn’t comfortable where she is but because she finds a strange passion being high in the sky. It’s as euphoric as a fine aged wine. It is her addiction, without it she’s lost and feels empty.

The dealings with the passengers and any wrong thing that could go on a flight were a piece of cake to her because she wouldn’t let is ruin her moments in the air. There was a strange satisfaction within her when she saw how helpful she was to those that just needed a sheer smile. She would know someone’s entire life in just an hour flight. Her curiosity was her best trait because she was never afraid to smile and just say, “Hello.”

Now after three years and dramatic events in her life she looks out that window wondering if she will ever have a small glimpse of him. Her mind wanders in thoughts of him constantly. Thoughts of their childhood, their conversations, his smile. She feels that maybe, just maybe the higher she gets the closer she will be to him. If she could shed fly every day higher and higher.

The most difficult part is losing what you truly love. A part of her heart and her passion all within a short period of time. As much as she pleads and fights for the answers all there is is silence. Silence that is breaking her down little by little, second by second. The only thing that keeps her going is her strong faith. Faith that life gets better once all the hurdles are jumped.

There were only three things she truly love; God, family and flying. As she’s lost two out of the three she continues her faith in knowing that with all struggles comes greatness so never give up.

She’ll continue to soar and fly with ever opportunity given just so she can be closer to him.


Never a memory, always a presence.

You’re there when I wake, you’re there as I sleep. The dreams are a reality as I force not to arise. I want to be in your moment and no longer in my moment.

As my life continues I hold you close within me. No one will understand why I still say good morning to you. No one will understand why I hold you so close to my heart.

Guide me in present moments as well as in our moments.

You’ll always be in the here and in the now for me. You’re a piece of me as I am a piece of you.

Never a memory, always a presence.