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Psalm 37: 4-6

There it was that strange feeling consuming her body. Her heart raced and her stomach did backflips. She felt nauseas but nothing was coming out. Her heart beat faster and faster, a million times a minute. As if she were to have a heart attack. She left the store and quickly ran into her car.

There she sat and wept. It wasn’t a heart attack she was having it was an anxiety attack that took over her mind, body and emotions. She couldn’t hold it back any longer so she sat in the car parked outside the store and wept. She told herself, one last cry and then you gotta get it together! It was like something out of a movie scene. As the rain poured her tears flowed, over and over. Her heart kept beating and she kept crying. Trying to figure out how did it come to this? After all she worked for she was losing it all and there was nothing she could do about it but sit in that car and weep. Weep until there were no more tears because she was stronger than this and wasn’t going to let another hurdle in life destroy her. That’s what they wanted you see, for her to just give up and crawl under a rock to never resurface again. Yet, they had no idea the will power she had.

When that last tear dropped onto her tights she took a deep breath and looked up into the sky. She said, “Thank you Lord.”

She thanked him because she knew that he was going to be there for her no matter what. She knew that he was going to bring justice to the burden that had com upon her. Her faith helped her realize that it wasn’t the end of her world. That something greater was in store for her.

With key in the ignition she started her car and continued her day. It was as if a hundred pounds had been lifted off of her shoulders. She felt as if God heard her and she felt, knew that everything would work itself out. A real smile came upon her face and it helped her realize how grateful she was.

She came home and cooked herself some dinner. Watched her favorite television show and listened to some music. As the night sky arrived she settled into her room. Knelt down in prayer and thanked God to live another day. She exhaled and gave it all to The Lord, mind, body, and soul.

As she lay her head, she closed her eyes with hopes that she’d wake up another day feeling as happy and energetic as she once felt before her world was turned upside down.

Sweet dreams…..


At this point.

It’s hard to feel anything when you feel like the walls are closing in on you. You get the feeling of giving up yet, you continue because it isn’t like you. It is not who you are. You’re a rock! Solid, strong, and at times unbreakable.

So what do you say when sh*t begins to hit the fan and you feel as if you have no one to turn to???


Say it and challenge whatever is holding you back because you were brought into this earth for a reason and now it’s time to find yourself and forget about the rest. Grab that sludge hammer and break those walls yourself!