Monthly Archives: January 2014

Empty nest.

There is no better feeling than coming home from work and having dinner waiting for you. He stands behind you and gives you a massage to release all the crazy tension you’ve had from work.
There is no better feeling than going to bed with him and feeling his warm touch.

Reality check! You come home to an empty house with an even emptier refrigerator. All that tension you’ve been feeling just builds up and your shoulders become tender to the touch. That bed you sleep in is cold and empty. All there is is you and your empty home.

The career you’ve chosen leaves little room for trust. Men are fascinated by the lifestyle but feel that they can’t commit since you can pack up and leave whenever you please. There is a stigma behind it and they all want to join the mile high club.

Yet you, you’re not like the rest of them. You seek stability and substance but this job has your head spinning in all directions. You meet many but trust few. They all tell you what you want to hear and in the back of your head you know it’s all a front to raid those Vickie’s you love to wear. Two can play this game so you begin to act like those guys also. Calling them baby when you’ve only known the guy for less than a week. See men love that shit. You tell him you miss him when you don’t even know his middle name. You give him the attention he seeks just like many men do to women.

Me, I just don’t trust. I hear it all and want to believe it but actions speak louder than words. I’ve worn my heart on my sleeves too many times to know that a man will whisper sweet nonsense in your ear as long as you let them. Then when he takes those Vicki’s there is nothing but silence. The baby calling stops and those sweet nothing’s are nonexistent.

With this job you grow reptile skin. At times there is no emotion, you just go with the flow. At this time there is no telling what time will tell. In the mean time just enjoy it because the sea is full of fish and what’s life if it isn’t living.

Soon you’ll trust someone and that wall you’ve built may one day be put down if you just allow it.



The mind wanders….

Even at rest it doesn’t stop thinking about whether or not that decision was a right one.

Doesn’t stop thinking about what the consequences would be???

The mind wanders….

Of if it should be him or him.

Will flipping a coin help??

Or maybe it’s best to be alone and find inner happiness.

The mind wanders….

Should I buy those shoes?

Do I look fat?

Are my breast too small?

Is he/she mad at me?

The mind wanders….

You’re never at peace.

Still searching for inner silence just to give it a break.

Yet, the mind wanders….

Wondering about life.

The future.




The mind wanders. Like a lab rat on a treadmill.

It won’t stop until it reaches full exhaustion and it has no choice but to rest.

After full recovery the cycle begins again.

Kiss your children

Kiss your child tonight. Hold them tight. Show them the love that you’ve never felt before because one day they’ll be searching for that love or one day they’ll need to learn how to love and who better than the one who brought them into this world.

The world is small and life certainly is short so why live it upset time and time again. Forgive, love, and move on. Many that stick around are there because they care and not because they want to be all in the mix. When shit hits the fan be there for your child because it will let them know that you’ve always been there. No matter how much you’ve pushed away stay and be strong.

You’ve made your mistakes and children know it but as long as you apologize and try to show that you’re getting better they should forgive you. If they don’t it is their loss. They have no idea what they are going to miss out on. The only that can judge you is God. Your children have probably done far worse but it is no longer your fault. You’re trying to change.

Kiss your children and show them you love them. No matter how much they push away tell them you love them.

To forgive takes bravery. To continue to love and forgive takes a brave soul.

You’ve made your mistakes and so have they so don’t dwell on the past and move on to the future. Never push back yet, continue pushing and showing your love. Children are stubborn and all one can do as a parent is love and support them.

Kiss your children goodnight each and every night.

1st timers….

I’d like to share some traveling tips to my first time travelers.

Let’s try not to come on board the airplane with 4 or more bags. You’re bound not to fit them all on plane or in overhead compartment.

Be courteous to your fellow passengers and place that purse that’s the size of the palm of my hand underneath the seat in front of you. I’m sure your toes won’t feel a thing.

Just because your bag fit on the last flight doesn’t mean that it will fit on the next one so….. When we say it doesn’t fit please believe us and check the bag.

We serve the same drinks on every flight so if you came off a plane and get back on another don’t ask me, “what do you have?” You already know what he have!!!

Ladies…. Please dress accordingly for traveling. I understand you’re going to Miami but, the booty shorts are a no no. The tank top with the boobs out may attract the attention you want but you’re bound to get cold and we don’t get enough blankets.

Mom’s I know it’s tough traveling with an infant but  please do not hand me a dirty diaper when I pick up trash!! Do you hand a dirty diaper to your waiter at a restaurant? Get up from your seat and dispose of it in the restroom.

I do not have control over the weather so please don’t ask me when it’s going to stop raining or snowing. I wasn’t given the meteorologist’s phone number before sign in.

Do not, I repeat do not book your flight with a connection that’s only 20 minutes apart. I guarantee you’re either going to be too close to missing that connection or you’ll be spending the night at the airport for the next flight.

Be nice and be kind. We just met you so there is no need for the attitude.

Please don’t check your brain at the boarding door. Bring it on board with you I guarantee you might need it.