Monthly Archives: December 2013

Isn’t close enough

Sometimes you gotta put the pants on and the dress on and take both rolls.

Sometimes you have to be the parent and sibling at the same damn time.

Sometimes you have to forgive those who have done you wrong so you can protect the innocent.

Life takes a toll on you, especially when you’re not around.

When you feel useless because you’re only a phone call away instead of a block away.

You can’t do anything on the phone that a physical hug can do.

You can’t do anything on the phone that being there physically can do.

It takes a toll on you but it also takes a toll on the ones you love because you’d give your heart, sweat and years for them.

I’m here, yet so far.

Sometime it makes you regret your career moves to make them happy because seeing them happy is all you truly care about in life.

You’re a solider but, soldiers break down too.

I’m here! I’m here!

For anything.

I just want to give them the world and let them know it will be ok yet, circumstances don’t allow it.

Life doesn’t allow it.

We weren’t breed from the rich. We breed from the poor and every nickel and dime we appreciate. If that means selling my stuff for them. Just snap your fingers and it’s done.

I’m there and I’m trying so hard to be there in every which way. Makes you second guess if you should just leave it all behind to take care of them and be what they has yet to experience. True passionate love from a parent.

I’m here yet so far!!!!