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Place your hands on mine and I’ll feel the warmth of your heart.

Place your lips on mine and I’ll feel the want in your body.

Take that stare into my eyes and I’ll see the angst, love and pain within your soul.

It is a feeling that is indescribable.

Both knowing what they want but is it worth the risk? Is it worth the trials and tribulations that come with it?

Within them is a not so pleasant past. A past that brings caution into their current situation.

Their bodies yearn for one another.

One touch electrifies her body.

One kiss brings him so much pleasure.

Should they?

Will they?

Will it end well?






Flawless is the woman with no emotions.

Flawless is the woman who is selfish and only cares for her.

Flawless is the individual who believes the world only evolves around him/her.

Flawless does not exist because being flawless is being a statue. Being flawless has no emotions.

Flawless is a mannequin.

Flawless is boring.

Flawless has no emotions.

I have flaws, you have flaws, we have flaws.

My flaws create who I am. Those flaws make me the individual I am today.

Flaws make the person. They show true colors and uniqueness of that person.

My flaws are mine and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Flaws make you beautiful!!


There I was exhausted from working four flights. Ready to lock myself into my room and just relax. But, it was too early to call it a night and the crew wanted to go out. Granted I spent the entire day at the beach the day before but I couldn’t chicken out.

We were laying over in MSP (Minneapolis) and one of the members wanted to head out to a little burger joint she had seen on the Food Network. Hmm, not a bad idea so I headed to my room and quickly got out of my monkey suit and changed into something casual.

We met in the lobby and took the train to 34th street and then called a cab to take us to Matt’s. Taking the train and then a cab made it easier on all our pockets and it was part of the adventure.

We finally got to Matt’s and had a seat. There is was the famous Juicy Lucy burger that aired on Diners Drive ins and Dive. A big piece of ground beef stuffed with melt in your mouth cheese. Before they hand you the burger they warn you about taking the first bite.

“Be careful with the cheese, it can burn you,” she said.

I on the other hand ordered a chicken sandwich because I do not eat beef. It is a bummer because I was in a famous location but I didn’t want to go back on my word. My crew on the other hand, bit into that mouth watery burger and they were in heaven.

The burger came with the cheese stuffed beef, grilled onions and pickled. To me it looked perfect the way it was. The crew thought it was mediocre. They expected it to have lettuce and tomatoes like any burger.

After embracing our experience we called a cab and headed straight to the hotel. The night ended and I took my shower and headed straight to bed for a 5am wake up call.



Her hands have changed flat tires and held the hand she once loved.

Her eyes have seen the joy and sorrow. They’ve seen the face of the one she once loved.

Her heart holds many close to her and loved the one she once loved.

Her body was once touched by the one she once loved.

Now she stands alone yearning for the touch she once had, for the love she once gave and for the eyes she once looked into.