Monthly Archives: September 2013


As delicate as a flower there she was. As wild as a daisy there she grew. Strong enough to grow through the rock hard concrete.

She was a flower child who enjoy life to the fullest.

When the storm came through and the land dried out there she was, tall and strong ready for the next one.

The flower child who took whatever challenge nature had to offer.

As time goes by she grows and grows hoping that her petals don’t wither away.

The wild flower child she is.




Love this!

Take it in.

Take a deep breath. Inhale it all in and then release it. Release all the anger and negativity within you because that’s what is holding you back. That is what is keeping you from moving forward.

If you’ve forgiven move on and don’t mention it again. Don’t look for closure when you have no idea if you’ll ever get it. Don’t sell yourself or your life short.

Have faith and stay positive. You are the only you. You were made for a purpose and instead of dwelling on your next move just get up and do what’s in your heart.

Get up and do what makes you happy and your heart smile.

Don’t hold back and always wake up in the morning with a positive thought.

Of course it happened to me.

There is was setting up the aircraft for a flight that would only be 48 minutes from Jacksonville to Atlanta. I had on my blue dress and heels that day because I just felt like being pretty.

As I set up before anyone got on board I felt something strange with my heel. It was something out of a movie. My heel broke! Just bent in and broke. Luckily it did not snap so I just turned it back to it’s original position and continued working. I ran to my co-worker and showed her what happened. She just couldn’t stop laughing because she knew that I was going to have to work the entire 48 minute flight with a broken heel. That day I decided not to bring a second pair of shoes so I was definitely S.O.L!!

As the passengers boarded I did my best to do little walking. I set up the galley in the back so I wouldn’t have to be in the aisle. If I had to walk out there I walked very slow with a tiny limp hoping that no one would notice. The entire time I thought, heel please don’t fail me now.

As we shut off the lights I was clear. No one would be able to see my limp the entire flight and I could do my entire flight.

48 minutes later the flight was over and I was relieved that not one passenger noticed and I didn’t trip. I limped my happy butt off the plane and straight to my car. Drive right to DSW and grabbed a new pair of heels.

Good bye old shoes and hello new pair!