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A perfect duo in this song….


HEy Hey hey

Take note of the outfits these men have on…. LOVE it! Oh, the song is hot too.

Winning Ticket

There I sat at 6 o’clock in the morning waiting for my ride to pick me up from baggage claim. I had worked an all nighter flight from Phoenix to Atlanta and was ready to head into the bed for a few hours of rest to recuperate¬†and begin the day.

As I sat waiting for my ride I watched as two older women sat and waited for the lottery stand to open. They sat there and watched the cashier count her drawer. With the anxiety in their hands I wondered what was on their minds. They must have thought, “Today is my day. Today I will win!”

Both women had been in their mid sixties and you could tell they did this often. As the cashier lifted her gate the women got up to get in line. One grabbed her cane and slowly headed toward the cashier to grab her scratch tickets. The other rushed in front of her to get in line first. I assume she thought maybe she didn’t want the other to get the ticket she wanted. As they both got their tickets there I sat and watched as they grabbed their lucky coins from their pocket-book and began scratching the thin cardboard in all hopes that their troubles would be over.

A win! I witnessed one of the women get up with a grin on her face as big as a crescent moon. She headed straight to the cashier and I assumed that she’d cash out and head back home with some time of feeling of accomplishment. That was not the case. She exchanged the money for more scratch tickets. Bigger scratch tickets, meaning she spent more money. As she sat down and began to scratch she had a grin on her face with confidence that she would win again.

The woman with the cane sat there sad because after three scratch tickets she had yet to get a win. She switched coins and slowly made her way to the cashier to try for the last time. As she made her way back to the bench I wondered what was going through her head. Was she saying a prayer? Was she wondering if she used another lucky coin she would have a greater chance of winning? Did she spend the last bit of money she had on these last tickets?

Both women lost. All that time spent scratching and hoping they lost every cent they had with hopes of winning. It amazed me to see how determined they both were to win. To win anything!

It was like watching an addict itch over and over and when he/she got the fix everything was alright. But, when that loss came the itch and the feeling of emptiness returned. A feeling that I would never understand because I have never been addicted to anything. If it were similar to heart-break then I know the feeling but these women seemed empty inside. 

Two older women in their mid sixties finally got up and walked away from the lotto stand with misery on their faces. I knew that they’d come back again and sit and wait for the stand to open once more with all hopes that tomorrow would be their lucky break!

Finally my ride came and I headed home.

She said it….

Flew with someone that told me what I needed to hear, “you have to give yourself your worth.” Always hold yourself above others no matter what because the way you see yourself is how you present yourself.

On the plane as crew members we become very close. Psychologists for one another and try to help each other out. She taught me to stop worrying about the other person. She taught me to never give up on love because it is out there. She taught me to just take a deep breath and cry until it hurts.

Times like these makes me miss just being home and comforted by friends and family but I’m a grown woman now and I have to do this on my own. I know my worth and if a man can not see that then he isn’t the one for me.

I am no one’s seconds or share anyone I love. I’m #1!!!

Yes, I have insecurities. Yes, I do not think I’m this beautiful woman that everyone sees. I look at myself in the mirror and turn away because for some reason I am not happy but I do not let that handicap me. I shared those low moments because I thought I could. I thought I could tell you anything without it turning against me.

I have weaknesses but those weak moments are my motivation. Those moments are what empower me to be better and prove that I am awesome. To show the world that they better watch for me because one day greatness will be coming your way.

I feel it in my heart. I know this isn’t the end for me and I know that karma is a bitch.

To all the ladies who feel like me or have those weak moments use those moments as your motivation. Let it empower you to prove the world wrong. Show the world that you’re not someone they want to mess with.

I am no boring person. I have many that can vouch for that trust me!!!

Never tell me I need to live a little because I live everyday. I left my home for adventure. I have traveled the worlds. Where have you been?? I’ve meet so many people and have witnessed so many things that people can only dream of.

Listen to me. Be yourself no matter what. Life isn’t written out for you. You write it out as each day goes by so here I am writing my life and I guarantee you it’s going to be an amazing life. A life you wish you never stepped out of.

I’ll be ok.

A story….

When you’re born you’re born without a clue in the world. All you need to do is eat and shit. It’s a carefree/careless life you have as an infant. Yet, as you grow LIFE smacks you in the face and reality strikes. What you do with it will mold you into the person you are today.

Alice was born in NY without a care in the world……

To be continued…….

“My life will move on with or without you.”

What do you say to that??? It’s a numbing feeling. A speechless feeling.

You take a deep breath and say, well congratulations because so can I.

Being with someone is not a necessity. You’re with someone because you want to be there to help them strive and to love that person. But if that other person can not see that then you grant that individual what he/she wants. If it’s space just do it because if you stick around you’re hurting yourself more than the other person.

Life goes on and people are like water.

Just take a deep breath and smile.

What I saw 4/25

Today I realized the strange things we do as individual. Some more towards disgusting than strange. It’s amazing when you have the opportunity to stand and watch people.

Here is am greeting people as they board and a man is standing in line waiting to move forward. What does he do?? He takes out his headphones and puts the ear piece right into his mouth! Inside his mouth!! Why would you place an object that has been sitting in your ear inside your mouth? Of course I looked at him weird and lucky enough he didn’t notice the look I gave him.

Why do passengers get on the plane and the first thing they want to do is use the bathroom? You were at the airport for hours and all of sudden you get on the plane and need to use the toilet. Don’t get it!