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Get it right….

Today is all you have. Tomorrow is never promised. The “what if” in life should never be a factor because you’ll always dwell and be miserable. You will never be content with what you have right in front of you.

With all the chaos going on in the world wouldn’t you rather want to live in the moment and treasure all that you have? Why not think positive and think of what greatness you can contain in your future rather than the dreaded “what if.”

Be grateful and appreciate what is given to you. Smile more often. Just because the world has it’s bad moments doesn’t mean that everything in it will worsen.

I’ve come to realize that all I can do is be positive and have faith that all my desires and wishes will be granted to me sooner rather than later. I no longer want to be upset when things don’t go my way or when something happens that is out of my control. I have learned to brush it off and take it as a lesson learned.

You, yourself have to know who you are and know what you want. Have faith that it will come to you. Appreciate the good that is in front of you and change the negative into something positive.

I’ve been through a lot. Been through both positive and negative things but one thing that I always told myself was that it was going to be ok no matter what. When I didn’t have a dime to get even a piece of gum I stayed positive. When unfortunate events happened in my life. I cried it off and then picked myself up and moved on. Stayed positive no matter how much the negative was knocking on my door or screwing with my head.

I know and I believe. I can feel it in my body! I have faith! I stay positive and it’s all I can do because no matter what life goes on and it’s best to live for the moment.


A few tunes

Here a few songs that are worth listening to…


You lay in the bed tossing an turning the entire night. The alarm goes off and you get up. Sit up on the bed and just stay at the walls. Staring waiting for something to pop out or some sort of sign but I never comes.

You feel empty inside and try so hard to shake it off. A feeling of losing something yet you have no idea what it is. You get out of bed and shower. Walk aimlessly around the house and get ready for work. Head to work and slap the fakest smile you have in your pocket on your face.

You tell everyone you’re great! Everything is great! Why? Don’t want anyone to worry. Why have someone worry when they have their own problems.

Just a bit ago you felt like you had the world but something changed and you have no idea how to get it back. No idea how to change so it can be yours again. It slipped right out of your fingers. Just like when you try to cup water in the palm of your hands. Slowly and surly that water disappears. Disappears just like everything you have.

You count to clear your mind, sit and mediate, or even go for a run but nothing absolutely nothing frees it. If there were a drug you’d invest in it. Something to help you forget. Something to help you move on and process because at this moment you’re not you. You’re someone else.

The light


– John

The Alamo

Spent a few hours in San Antonio, TX. A great place to visit with a lot of things to do, especially if you have children.






It’s me and I love every piece of me. All the troubles and chaos that I’ve been through have made me become the woman I am today. I accept any challenge and am never afraid of change or taking my own route in life.

It’s me and I love it!!


The fight.

Maybe she went in too deep. Maybe she just couldn’t take it anymore and now she’s grasping for air. Her heart bears a million miles per second. It’s as if she’s lost something or someone within her.

She went in whole heartedly ready for whatever came her way. Ready to see if this time it would stick and there would be a happily ever after. She’s a strong woman you see but, at times she has her doubts. Past occasions have made her become extremely guarded and at times insecure within herself. It’s something she fights everyday. Waking up each morning reminding herself that no one was built like her, she designed herself.

She’ll look in the mirror and tell herself that she is beautiful and that beautiful is in the eye of the beholder. It will be ok she tells herself and begins her journey through life.

This girl has left her faith, life and love in God’s hands. A prayer in the morning, before bed and occasionally before her meals. At night before bed she reads a few passages from the bible her mother gave her. As she reads she releases her should an mind into every word written in the book.

“God please guide me in the right direction of life, love and good will.”

People always look to God or a higher power when they feel lost or shit hits the fan. A few years ago she found herself in a certain predicament that had her reach out to God. But, instead of stopping or giving up because things got better he continued her faith and had slowly been finding peace within herself.

Struggles are a part of life and they sure are a bitch. No one can help fix them but yourself. She’s noticed that even the ones closest to her can not help her because she feels like it’s a burden upon them. She feels as if it is all on her and he needs to do it all on her own. No one is truly there for her except her faith, God and her will to stay positive no matter what hurdles she needs to jump.

One day she’ll reach her pinnacle and the first person she’ll thank is God. She needs to learn to be patient because with time comes greatness. She already knows that it won’t come easy because she wasn’t raised with a silver spoon in her mouth. Everyone has always doubted her. Each day she fights those doubtful demons within her that want her to break down and fail.

One thing she will always do is keep her head held high and love with all her heart because it is the only way she knows. Besides the Bible told her so.