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Life catches up to you very very fast. One minute you’re a teenager living life and then the next minute you’re sitting alone thinking about where time went. Thinking about why you are in the predicament you are in or were given the hand you’re dealt with.

Life’s hard and when you don’t have a grasp on it or yourself it can take a toll on you. It can make you second guess every decision ever made. It can either help you grow or make you realize that pretty soon you’re going to be old and have nothing to show for it. If you aren’t born into great ties and have to work your ass off all the time life can beat you up a little.

Granted when you’ve reached your pinnacle you are grateful and appreciative but, what if you’re nearing a certain age and you have nothing yet. You work hard everyday but certain things in you past bring you back down. Things that you can’t just ignore or clean up with the snap or your finger. What do you do then?

They always say never give up and keep strong. I’m a firm believer in that and when you feel like all hope is gone say a little prayer because someone out there is willing to listen. Keep that faith and confidence because that it the only motivation you have.

Don’t let life take control of you. You need to take control of life. Take those risks if you know it will benefit you in the long run. Be silly, happy and laugh often. Don’t let it change you. You need to change it.



San Fran

San Francisco should be on everyone’s bucket list. Somewhere in the top 100 places to visit and I’d place it in the top 10. It is a must see before you die. I’m am not kidding!

Our hotel was walking distance away from everything and if we didn’t feel like walking we could have just taken the trolley to our destination. First stop was the local fresh food market. Best thing was that I was there during St. Patrick’s day so I saw lots of interesting things. They had veggies, flowers, fruits, cooked meals, chocolate, breads, etc. it was an all you can eat in the streets and I loved it.

Everything was locally grown and fresh. If I could I would have bought many of those fruits and veggies back home with me but I was afraid TSA would have had an issue with that. We walked all through what seemed to be an old train stop turned into small local store where they held their farmers market. The smell and look of everything was invigoration.

After we walked the entire market we headed to the fisherman’s pier where we enjoyed a few novelty store on our journey and stopped to take a look at the sea lions at Pier 39. I didn’t realize how fascinating and time consuming one spent just watching sea lions play with one another. It was a sight to see.

All the waking made us hungry so we headed for a bite to eat at the Fisherman’s Grotto where I had a delicious spicy fish sandwich. I thought about getting the clam chowder but to be honest with you no one does clam chowder better than back home.

We spoke about the flight and waited a bit to continue our journey. When we felt that our food was settled in we headed to the Ghirardelli chocolate store and off to see the crooked street. Our journey ended with a quick walk through China Town and back to the hotel for rest before work.

The trip was awesome. It was my first time in San Francisco and all though I did not get to get the entire feel of the city I felt like I got a great glimpse of it. When I do go back I will take some time to walk across the bridge and take a tour of Alcatraz.

What a great experience from beginning to end. I got to bring team Japan to San Francisco to play in the World Baseball Championship and I got to visit a city that I feel in love with.

It is truly a must see. I tried to capture what I could in my photos but the real thing is much better.


Lost it

TSA has decided to accept certain object through security that may pose a threat to me and my co workers. Knives, hockey sticks, golf clubs, small bats and a few other things. These items will be allowed through security starting April 26th…. Hmmm career change???

Have they lost their minds? All of these items can be used in a form of threat to me and the crew. I understand we have to make sure our clients or customers are always happy but man this is just ridiculous. It is almost like giving the passenger the opportunity to come on and do as they please. What if the wrong passenger comes on board and just hits his turning point. What if something twitches within him or her and that person decides to hurt or abuse me.

In my opinion TSA is not thinking about the safety of the crew. They are more worried about making others happy. These hockey sticks will not only be threatening but it will freaking take up so much space in those overhead bins. When April comes around it’s going to be a ride awakening. The crew will be on their toes because they won’t know who or what to trust.

I’m hoping that TSA changes their minds on allowing these weapons. Yes, they are weapons and not sports equipment to me because people do not know how to act. When they come on board the plane they act like not rules apply and never truly listen to the crew not matter how safety related the issue is.

TSA has lost their minds!

The digger.

I stood there guarding the door while they took a bathroom break one at a time. I placed the cart in front of me and kept my eyes straight ahead the entire time.

As I stood there I saw him digging and digging. Trying to find something, anything. He was determined to get it out. I looked away before he could catch me looking. I felt awkward and disgusted at the same time as I stood there for what seemed to be forever.

My eyes couldn’t stop wandering towards him to see if he’d stop or if he’d gotten what he wanted. I looked at my watch wanting to time what he was doing. According to my watch it must have been three minutes or more. I was shocked. I thought only a young child would be capable of such a thing. And if that child got caught he or she would be in big trouble.

The man spent three minutes digging in his nose. Looking at his hand and then proceeding to rub his fingers together. It was disgusting to say the least. Here was a grown man playing with the filth in his nose over and over. I’d turn away while I stood there and just when I thought it was over bam!! He was back in there.

Grown man! A grown man that should have just gotten up from his seat and taken care of his situation in the bathroom or maybe with some tissue. A grown man that seemed like a child to me for those three or so minutes.

When I was finally done guarding I shook my head and walked straight to the back. Thinking about how disturbed I was to be a witness to that event.

Rule of thumb, never think that no one is looking.