Monthly Archives: February 2013


You + Me = US

You and I, me and you.
Let’s travel the world together.
Let’s leave our imprint of memories in our travels.
Let’s create happiness.

Life is short and we have us.
I’m a part of you and you’re a part of me.
Don’t give up, let’s work together.
Once we stop there won’t be no us. The memories will be gone.

Let’s meet in the middle.
Let’s give 50/50.
Don’t compromise unless we know it will benefit US, not just one.

You be you and I’ll be me.
You bring me the sun and I’ll bring you the stars.

You + Me = US


People will be people.

They’ll always have their own opinion. They’ll always do it their way. They’ll always consider a suggestion but that doesn’t guarantee that they will follow it. People will be people.

The best thing to do is discover who you are and be yourself. Be what makes you happy. Be what you feel you were created for. Brush aside all the critics and make things happen for you and not for others.

Always making others happy and worrying about what others think tales a toll on your life. It handicaps you and keeps you from reaching your full potential. Those people you worry so much about don’t spend the same amount of time worrying about you. They have their own lives to live.

People will be people so be yourself whole heartedly. Be and create what makes you happy. Those that care will always be by your side. They won’t turn their backs on you and will welcome you with the same open arms you welcome them in.

I’m going to walk in my own heels. Create my own path. Care for those that care for me and make my life as loving as I am. All are welcomed to join me and those that wish to step aside it was nice knowing you but it’s my turn now.

People will be people.