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Marie is a soulful woman. Always looking out for those around her and trying to make better for herself. She knows where she’s made her wrong turns and she has no shame in what she’s done.

She works hard to turn her life on the right path. Works hard to make sure that all around her is happy but, forgets what’s in her heart. How she feels. All she wants is the same respect she gives the rest of the world. Be it a smile or just a thank you.

What Marie has that many fail to have is an open heart. A heart big enough to see through all the flaws and into all the good. But, is that a good thing? Or in the end will it harm her? Only life and experience will let her know. So Marie moves on with an open mind and heart.

Marie just knows that once you restrict your heart life moves at a different pace. A pace that she knows she will not be happy about because it is not who she is. Marie sees the best in people and although things are rough always stays positive.

It’s a struggle but, if you don’t choose a path in life it will destroy you. Marie has chosen to stay true to her feelings and follow what she believes. It may be good or bad but at least she knows she followed her heart.

It’s tough to know what life has for you. If we all knew then life would be boring and there would be no need for politics or many nonsense things in life.

Just move as Marie moves. With faith, God, and a whole heart ready to take on the world.

::I just wrote what was on my mind. Marie was on my mind. Made her up by the way::


That urge.

When you sit here you see it, you feel it, you know it. The only problem is where does it go? Where will it lead and where will it end is the question you can’t seem to answer.

It kills you because you’re curious and scared all in one. You want to go head on with no regrets but then failure and fear consume your body. It takes over 90% of your body and the mere 10% lingers on in your mind, body and soul.

What do you do? Do you sit still with the fear? Do you just continue life living with the what if’s? Do you just ignore the urge and hope that it goes away?

It’s a feeling that only you have the choice to decide. Only you can make it happen or not make it happen. That urge will always linger on so you decide where it can lead to……

The Other side of it

The ugly truth is that in this job you’re treated like a no one by many people. Many feel that they can just walk all over you and treat you as if you are the help. They yell at you, talk about you behind your back, and speak to you as if you have no clue in the world what is going on.

In this job you grow thick skin and I have noticed a short temper. The yelling, demanding and disrespect takes a toll on you if you are not strong enough to know that when you come home you leave that job at the airport. It’s a tough job but, like he says “it’s what I love.”

Every once in a while it would be nice to hear a thank you or just have a day where I wasn’t treated as if I didn’t have an education. I am a graduate, a daughter, a sister, a lover, and a damn hard worker.

There is no need to tell your daughter that my job is useless because you don’t even need a degree. I know many in my line of work that are lawyers and nurses on the side. This job is a career that helps you branch out and look outside the box so you can pursue other opportunities. No need to give me an attitude because you showed up late and there is no room for your luggage. There is also absolutely no need to yell at me like a child in front of others.

What kills me is that life is so short and people spend their time being upset at the smallest things in life.

I know that I am not the only one who gets disrespected at work but why not do what you were taught in school. Treat others the same way you would want to be treated.

One thing I know is that no one will put me down or upset me while I am at work. I will just nod and smile at your ignorant a** because at the end of the day I will continue to enjoy what I do and you will continue your miserable day all by yourself.

You can be the richest person in the world but, no one will ever care with that attitude.

“The Half-Life of Love is Forever”

I’ve become an avid book-worm lately. I just finished book by Junot Diaz titled, This Is How You Lose Her.

The novel is pretty much about the things that go wrong in a relationship and no matter how much one tries to move on from that person a nerve is always stricken that brings you back to the past.

What I got out of the novel was that life is short and love lasts forever no matter the circumstances.

Life without love is pointless because you’re always searching for something to fill that void. No matter how much a person says that they are “good” it’s all a front to everyone one else. Everyone wants someone at one point in their lives. Be it just feeling love from a parent, partner, friend, or a family member.

You truly only live half your life if there is no love in it. When love enters your life there is a sense of fulfillment and joy. Your whole attitude changes and you forget about the negative and start thinking about positivity. You begin wanting what’s not only best for you but what’s best for everyone around you.

Life is short but love, love lasts forever.