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A Kaleidoscope of memories

When you look back life becomes a kaleidoscope of memories. Memories in which can never be relived, just thought about over and over because sometimes the past has no reason to return to it’s present.

The best thing about memories is that you can think about them and relive them in your imagination. Other memories can be buried and never resurface unless you want them too. As an individual you have the power to control the thoughts and memories that you please to relive.

You become stronger, wiser and learn right from wrong through many past memories. Memories become a kaleidoscope that you can choose to relive in your thoughts or you can choose to let them sit in the back of
your mind to never resurface again.


11:30pm WAKE UP!

Reserve or Adays are always unexpected and at times annoying. On the 8th I started my 6 adays for work. I sat at home all day looking at the computer and my phone waiting for a call from scheduling to head out to work.

It becomes a bit stressful when you have to sit at home waiting for scheduling to call. I couldn’t do much or go too far because you are only given a two-hour time frame to get to the airport.

Just to be on the safe side I lugged my suit case everywhere I went. Of course in the trunk of the car! I was ready for any call and to head out if need be.

All night I waited and waited then, I checked the computer to see what there was available and around 10pm I saw a trip to Madrid. I looked at my roommate with shock and she told me I should take a quick nap before they call me. I quickly went to my room and began to take a nap. At exactly 11:30pm scheduling called me to report to work at 1:30am to work a flight to Madrid.

You’d think I’d be excited to go to another country but on the contrary I was upset. It was 1:30am and I like to have at least 24hrs preparation when I do such a long flight because I do not want to forget anything.

I got to the airport and got all the passengers on the plane. They were all pretty upset but we did our best to keep them calm and happy. There was nothing we could do but reassure the passengers that they would be heading home soon.

We were only allowed 15hrs in Madrid and we got there on a Sunday afternoon. Not cool!! I couldn’t do much except go to the market and stock up on wine for my family and I. Then head to dinner at the hotel restaurant with the crew.

At least I can say that I have been to Madrid and got wine.

Heading back was brutal because I only slept for 4 hours do to the time difference. The flight was also a bit longer (10hrs). I walked up and down the aisles of the plane to keep myself awake and sane. I even made a few friends and probably annoyed my crew with all my foolishness.

It was an unwanted trip that turned out to be worthwhile. Hopefully next time scheduling sends me somewhere warm that has about a 32hr layover so I can just beach it all day!!

Here are a few photos that I could grasp.



Bragging rights…

Why not give a woman her bragging rights????