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You are king or queen….

You as an individual can become your own demise. The way you feel or think a out yourself can subconsciously be projected towards your family and friends and those you love.

I watched a sermon today that said you have to believe in what you are first before anyone else. You have to tell yourself you are worth the royalty and that you are the king or queen! The way you feel inside is what you will put out to other individuals.

I am my own demise because many see the “potential” I have and I lack visualizing that quality. I never looked at myself and thought of what my self worth truly was. After listening to the sermon and realizing what I really want in my life it made me think and put a lot of things in life into prospective.

If you want to be something you have to believe in that quality. You can not waste your time comparing yourself to the next person because in life there is always someone better than the other. Become comfortable in your skin and realize that we all can from God. We all have a special piece of him within our bodies that makes us just as important as any other person.

Take a look in the mirror and tell yourself every morning how great of a person you are. Remind yourself that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Look into that mirror with pride, confidence, and hope. Do not let fear get in the way of your beliefs. Do not let what others say bring you down. There comes a point in life where you have to set your own path and stop being the passenger in other’s paths.

It is time that I put my wishes first and realize that I am a good person and that I am worth something to someone!

Do not let you become your own demise.

You are king. You are queen.


Dinner for 1….

Have you ever went out to dinner and saw a random person having dinner on their own? Ever wonder what’s their story?

The other day I headed out to dinner and as I sat with my friend I noticed an elder man sitting on his own at a table. What’s his story I thought to myself. Why would anyone want to grab a bite to eat alone?

Funny thing is I enjoy going out to eat alone. It gives me time to think and regroup. But, the man sitting on the table had another story. I decided to create a story for him.

That night the old man decided to have dinner alone because it’s what he does every Monday night. You see his wife passed away a few years ago and they would have date night every Monday. They’d go to different restaurants and try out all types of meals. At dinner they’d talk about their day and their children. Their kids were all grown and loved out of state.

When the wife passed away the old man would feel useless at times. He’s feel like his other half was gone. She was his soul mate and she had passed away.

He thought about taking his life but he knew that was a selfish act and his children would be devastated. After a few months of grieving he picked himself up and realized that the life he was living was not what his wife would want for him. He decided to communicate more with his children via telephone. He also decided to continue their tradition of Monday date night.

He’d go to the restaurant and enjoy his dinner all the while speaking to his wife in his head. Telling her how his day went and how much he misses her but that he is doing ok. He’d tell her about speaking to their kids and how they were having another grandchild.

The old man kept living for his wife and for his children.


That’s my story of the old man at dinner. It didn’t take me long to think of it because I have always been fascinated by people. I enjoy watching them and seeing how they act.

Hmmm maybe not….

As I sat on standby at the airport I double checked my schedule to see if scheduling would give me anything for the next day. As luck would have it I was given Lagos for November 1st!!!

I have been to Africa before but never to Lagos. I’ve been told that its pretty dangerous in that part of the country and to never leave my hotel room. Knowing this information discouraged me a bit because I would never want to be in a hotel where I’d have to be fearful of my surroundings.

I’ve been told that the passengers are pretty rude and many do not know the etiquette of being on a plane. I’ve heard horror stories of passengers doing their business in the back galley of the plane. Of men getting totally undressed and walking through the aisle like they live there. Stories that will leave one thinking, no way this can’t be true!

Prepared for the worst I took a deep breathe and got mentally ready for my Lagos trip the next day. As I continued my standby at the airport I got a call from scheduling.

“Sipsy, your going to Lexington, KY instead.”

I was excited but sad because very rarely do I let stories from flight attendants discourage me from a good trip. I did want to go to Lagos but I am not at the seniority level where I can hold it long enough for scheduling not to take it away from me.

As I grabbed my bag and headed to Lexington I said good bye to my Lagos trip and hello to my hotel room. It was so cold in Lexington I spent the entire time in my hotel with a failed attempt to hit the gym. I just warmed up my dinner and called it a night considering I had to be up at 3am to be ready for work the next morning.