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Concrete Jungle….

When you head out here pack light because you’re going to want to buy the city out. When you head out here be ready to witness the world in one city.

If you want to see a true mixing pot and a city of lights come to NYC. If you want to witness life 24/7 all you need is a small taste of NYC. No need for a car out here either everything is either a bus stop or train ride away.

I come home every now and then to see my city and my family. On a one hour bus ride from La Guardia to Broadway I witness it all. The homeless man telling everyone to vote for Obama and actually speaking about the debate in a voice loud enough for his neighbor to hear. You see the school kids in their uniforms heading home from school and all sorts of languages being spoken on the phone.

It takes me two buses to finally reach my destination and with open eyes and ears I see and hear it all. The best fall/winter fashion worn by all walks of life. People walking everywhere and fresh fruit being sold at every corner.

NYC is the city of skylines and city lights that always has an adventure or two. When I come home I get the best home cooked meal and welcome from friends that have known me since I was born. My brothers and younger sister rarely see me so when I come home it’s pure excitement. Joking around, watching television and walking the mean streets of NYC is how we spend my one day stay at home.

You have to witness NYC at once in your life. Some will fall in love and some will not understand the beauty behind it. NYC is a rose growing in the cracks of a cemented street. Its life is beautiful.

A mini DR, a mini Jerusalem, a mini PR, a piece of every country in the world can be found here and I am proud to say I was born in the city that never sleep.

With that said good night and good morning NYC!!



Busy Bee….

Within two weeks I witnessed two souls unite. The marriage of true love and best friends. One wedding in ATL with Ace and Brit and the other back home in Providence with Ana and Jesse.

I have been to many weddings but never to two weddings as fun and romantic as these. You could feel the love between the couples. It was a surreal feeling that bought so much joy into my heart.

After the unity of my friends I began my vacation and headed back to ATL for a quick bag change. When I got to ATL I had a few hours to pack and head back to airport for another adventure. VEGAS!!

I can’t go into detail as to what happened in Vegas because as they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I will say that my Vegas cherry was popped and I can’t wait to go again.

After 2 or 3 days in Vegas (can’t remember) I took a flight to PHX for the day. While I was there I caught up on some much needed sleep and got to witness the best sun rise ever! Watching the sun rise over mountain tops is incredible.

The next day my vacation came to an end and I had to head back to ATL.

Overall this has been the most traveling week I have ever had and I work many flights. Now I can see why some business men become pretty cranky from traveling. It gets exhausting and can take a toll on your body.

Enjoy a few photos and just try and imagine what truly happened in Vegas.








If you can’t be a good drunk don’t be a drunk at all.

In the past month I have run into two belligerent drunks on my flight. ADULTS that have no self respect or respect for others. I’d completely understand if the individual was in their late 20’s or early 30’s but, to be a grown adult and acting a fool on a flight is a bit embarrassing.

One woman whom I had to cut off came to my back galley to ask for her dog. Her dog! She never came on the plane with a dog. I tried to understand what she was saying through her slurs and when I finally figured it out I explained to her in the most possible way I could. She had checked her giant dog into cargo and was paranoid that the dog never got on the plane. We were flying an international flight and she wanted her dog.

We explained to her that the pilots saw the dog on board the plane in cargo but she wasn’t having it. She wanted proof and all we had was the pilots word. I reasoned with her and explained that her tickets had all the information about her dog. She was so drunk she began to cry thanking me and then headed to her seat.

At her seat she began cussing at her husband very very loud. So loud a passenger began to complain because his son was right behind her. I went up to the drunk and told her she needed to keep her voice down and brought her a cup of water. She hushed up after a while and actually went to sleep.

Another extremely rude man expected me to head out and grab his bag while he waited in first class for his bag. He was sitting in coach and moved up to first class as the passengers deplaned. Since he couldn’t find his bag he began to speak to me in a very rude tone demanding that I get his bag. I politely refused to get it and told him to wait for the passengers to deplane so he could work his way back to grab his bag.

When he grabbed his bag he proceeded to say rude comments to me and the captain. I was floored by the words that were coming out of this grown man’s mouth. Felt extremely offended but shook it off and told myself over and over that he was drunk.

People, the plane is not your playground. The plane is not a place where you enter it and leave your brain at the boarding door. Have some respect for yourself and the passengers around you. If your going to drink, drink responsibly. Don’t go out of your way to become an annoying drunk and disrespect the crew.

I love my job but I sure do hate being disrespected and having to bite my tongue many times.



Look for that reason and find what makes you “you!”